daybook: december 21st


Outside my window: It would be virtually impossible to not have a White Christmas at this point. With at least a foot of snow already on the ground and more snow predicted every day this week, it will likely be very, very white indeed. Luckily my handsome husband is back home to shovel for me.

I am hearing: The hum of the heater, the rattling of BB swatting at her toys, Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas (recorded on PBS Kids) playing on tv, and the dishwasher doing it’s daily jig (am I the only one who finds the noises of the dishwasher slightly musical – anyone else dancing in their chairs to the sound of their dishes cleaning? Just me?)…

I am thinking: It’s going to be a good week. If it kills me.

I am hoping: that I’m right.

I am reading: Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter which I won in a giveaway on the Mom Lit Facebook Group. I have never read any of Jane Porter’s books before but OMG they are good – they are a classic example of why chick lit books became popular and I am anxiously looking forward to reading all of her books now.

I am creating: I just declared our 2010 Family Calendar complete and hit the necessary buttons to pay for and order it. I am pretty pleased with how it came out – I went with a one picture per month mandate this year and I think it really did wonders for the appearance – the pictures have always been cute but now they are all frame worthy in my humble opinion. I’ll probably post the lucky winners here soon.

I am wearing: pajamas of course – these days Monday is always a pajama day – okay, let’s be honest, most weekdays I only get dressed when it’s time to check the mail… shhhh….

In the kitchen:

Plans for the week: Monday through Wednesday consist of an awful lot of status quo (did I spell that right? Anybody know?) but THURSDAY – Thursday is my 27th birthday!! We’ll be waking up in the morning and beginning the preparations of my birthday cake and by we, I do mean Dan. He’s making me my very own Limoncello torte inspired by the Cheesecake Factory. It’s going to need several hours to chill in the refrigerator so we’ll be starting it in the morning – and also starting our buckeyes for Santa (yeah right) which also need some time to chillax – then we are planning to go have lunch at HuHot – a fun Mongolian Grill that I always see advertised on tv – and kids 3 and under eat at their little “buffet” thingy – aka the Food Bars for free. And then, you know, Friday is Christmas. So that’s pretty cool, too.

A few of my favorite things: watching A Very Monkey Christmas with MM, which then inspired him to draw his OWN Christmas List; our 2010 calendar which is seriously fabulous, playing in the snow, the anticipation of Christmas 2009.

A picture thought – MM’s Christmas List:

all MM wants for Christmas

clockwise from the top left: a sled (as drawn by daddy), the top of a doghouse, a very tall and narrow chair, the rest of the doghouse and a car with The Man in the Yellow Hat driving(as drawn by mommy and daddy collectively)

5 responses to “daybook: december 21st”

  1. Jean M Avatar

    Sounds like a great week to me. Your menu sounds yummy, dinner and “birthday cake” sound yummy, and staying in jammies all week sounds awesome too. 🙂


  2. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    Happy early birthday. The limencello torte sounds delish.


  3. sues2u2 Avatar

    Looks like you have quite the little artist there. I am SOOOOOO wanting a white Christmas but the old saying about hell freezing over first comes to mind. That’s what you get when the temp is predicted to be in the 60’s. Wanna trade?


  4. vivienne Avatar

    I am glad you are getting a white Christmas. We have had snow from Friday through to today, but it is not certain we will get any more snow. I hope you have a fabulous birthday on Thursday.


  5. Sara Broers Avatar

    We also have snow/ice in the forecast each day this week. It is Dec., what should we expect? Love the picture thought that you posted~ Love the tall and narrow chair. Ahhh… through the eyes of a child, who doesn’t love that? Pajama day should be daily in the Winter!