aloha friday: health care reforms and holiday wishes

Before I get into my Aloha Friday question for this week, I want to wish all my readers a Happy Holidays – whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, The Winter Solstice, Awesome Day After Christmas Shopping, Humbuggery or other – I hope you are having a great time with your friends and family this weekend. Stay warm; eat, drink and be merry; make wonderful memories.

Now, all that aside – let’s talk about something so much less festive that it almost pains me to put this out there, but I really want to know…

How do you feel about the Health Care Overhaul being proposed right now?

Are you for or against the changes they plan to make?

Do you have a better idea of what they should do instead?

Do you follow this kind of stuff or choose to ignore it?

Did you vote for the current administration?

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5 responses to “aloha friday: health care reforms and holiday wishes”

  1. Night Owl Mama Avatar

    Voted for Obama Haven’t followed along we have health insurance


  2. Kailani Avatar

    I did vote for Obama but I haven’t really been following the Health Care debate.


  3. TheAngelForever Avatar

    Sadly, the health care system that we have is SO messed up that no matter what is done initially it will not be enough. Still, change is needed. As someone that is lucky to have decent health care, our premiums keep going up at percentages that do not equal my husband’s pay freeze. We just got done fighting our insurance company to take my son to a needed specialist appointment. No other doctor was in our area, but they were trying to force me to take him to just anyone. Not right!

    I admit that I have not been able to follow the plan as much as I should. Yes, I voted for the current administration and wish them luck. No matter who was elected this time around there was a giant mess in this area to fix.


  4. xmasdolly Avatar

    I am on disability myself. I do not understand all this insurance mumbo jumbo. I wish I did. I personally wish it wasn’t so complicated, and I wish once you go on Medicare I think they should just handle everything, and lead us in the right direction. If we need a supplement then so be it, but for heavens sake tell somebody. Oh Lordy, don’t get me started.


  5. angie Avatar

    yes I did vote for Obama and while I am still not sure about health care reform I do believe that something should be done for all those without insurance or medical coverage of any sort