Book Review: Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter

Odd Mom Out
Grade: A

Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter is the story of single mom (very much by choice!) and advertising executive Marta Zinsser. After years of raising her ten year old daughter in NYC, they move to Marta’s childhood hometown in the wealthy suburbs of Seattle. Unfortunately for her daughter who longs to fit in with the “cool girls,” Marta does not fit in with their Manolos wearing, PTA moms – she is much more comfortable riding her Harley in old jeans and a leather jacket than sucking up to upper class mommies.

But despite her reservations and declarations of everything she is “not” – Marta spends the course of the book redefining who she is, allowing herself to be things she’d sworn she wouldn’t be, but ultimately finding just that right balance – with a lot of romance, misunderstandings and laughter along the way.

Even if you are nothing like Marta, I think this is a book most mothers can relate to. The universal struggles of mommy guilt, the working mom vs. stay at home mom debate, trying to find yourself outside of your role as mother, juggling romance with responsibility, and dealing with children who sometimes seem like your exact opposite.

So many times reading this book, I found myself reading passages on life and parenting that I could intimately relate to. Porter is an excellent story teller, creating very well fleshed out characters and plot lines that keep you wanting to read more.

I really loved reading Odd Mom Out, my first Jane Porter novel – and I look forward to reading more. I just picked up Easy On The Eyes this weekend which tells the story of Marta’s friend Tiana, a famous television anchor finally trying to find happiness in her unexpected life as widow.