Christmas Recap 2009

The 2009 Christmas Season has officially ended in our house. After a very merry holiday season, I woke up this morning ready for the “festive” to be  done. The tree came down, the wreath was retired, I even uploaded my new header (which I’d originally planned to reveal on the 1st of January) and switched up my background color, too. Part of me feels a bit Scrooge like, calling it quits so soon, but you know what? I was in the holiday spirit about a month before Thanksgiving, so I think we should choose instead to be impressed that I managed to hold onto my good cheer all the way through Christmas.

It was a good Christmas. After MM finally fell asleep, Santa showed up to eat some delicious Christmas cookies and put the family presents under the tree.

I used cake mix frosting for the cookies - they taste delicious

He and his elves were pretty good to the kids. MM got a great easel with a chalkboard on one side and a roll of paper to color on the other. The blue sled he’s been asking for all season was delivered as promised – and the dog house that he randomly drew on his “Christmas List” about three days before Christmas? Somehow the elves pulled that one off, too.

it's amazing what you can do with cardboard and sharpies

our sled made a nice stocking holder

I could swear I saw this same Easel at IKEA for $14.99... I wonder if they are working with Santa now

Here’s a peek into more of the loot…

this Lamaze caterpillar toy is taller than BB

who sleeps in a pineapple under the sea?

hat, scarf and pajamas were Christmas loot

the penguin is actually BB's but MM is convinced it's Mr Beaks from Sid the Science Kid

random picture of my daughter being cute

he's been building up a storm with these Trio blocks

BB is learning the value of a dollar bill

Ok, I’ll stop for now, but more to come I’m sure…


  1. That dog house is the BEST present ever! It is pretty cute & I love that MM can get in & play too, right? And BB in the last photo looks so adorable like she’s just examining her toy from every angle. So cute.

    I’ve been contemplating taking down our stuff too. I always do New Years Day but I’ve been thinking of doing it now!


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