daybook: january 25th

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If you looked outside my window: you’d see another gray and dull today. I know spring is too much to hope for but I am not much of a winter person. I’m looking forward to milder weather someday. I know people might think it odd that someone who hates the winter would move to Wisconsin, but I came here from New England and honestly it’s not all that different. What’s another 10 degrees colder, honestly? I think there are good and bad sides to all weather but with a young baby that I’m all crazy protective mama hen over, winter is just another daily battle right now. Maybe next year or the year after we’ll do more “getting out in the elements” and exploring old man winter.

I am reading: Get Financially Naked by Sharon Kedar and Manisha Thakor – I received a copy to review here on the old blog, and I’ve got to say, I’m enjoying it so far. I look forward to telling you all more about it soon. Basically it’s about learning to “talk money with your honey” and understand how you really feel about money and what that means. 

Last night I: convinced the hubby to try Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away The Pounds (which I reviewed here) with me. He’s always rolling his eyes at me when I tell him what an intense workout it is for me. And while he fared better than I did, he does understand that he’s in better shape and can already walk farther than I can – and the DVD was definitely not as easy as it looked to him. I don’t think I converted him but I do think he’ll stop rolling his eyes at me… I hope. I finally did the full 2 mile walk yesterday and I was pretty proud and I’m looking forward to another 30 minute workout today. I’ve gotta say I am such a huge Sansone Fan – I love how her routines work out the whole body and they always seem to be just the right amount of intensity for me.

these shoes were made for walking

Today we’re: working on potty training a bit harder than normal. I set a kitchen timer for 30 minutes and every time it goes off, MM uses the potty (or at least attempts to) and then I set it for another 30 minutes. So far he’s kept his pull up dry all morning so it’s been working pretty well. But without that timer, I don’t think we’d have much luck. It’s holding both of us accountable though as I’m known for getting distracted just as much as he is. I just wish he cared when he was wet. That’s pretty key here – but at least I’m getting him used to putting down whatever he is doing to use the potty?

the potty break reminder 2000

In the kitchen:

I am planning: to go on a little play date tomorrow with a friend from my meetup group. We’re going to meet at the mall playground in the morning before it gets too crowded and germy. I’ve been emailing with her for about a week now and I’m looking forward to getting together in person and getting MM out to run around and be his wild and crazy self is a total fringe benefit.

This weekend we: cut MM’s hair. It was long over due and he looks like such a little grown up. It’s amazing how every time we cut it he looks older. He was a very, very big boy for this cut. He squirmed of course but there were no tears and he was not afraid at all, just a squirmy three year old. I just use those electric hair clippers so it’s very easy to work with even when he’s fidgeting, there is very little room for error. Love that.

my so so big kid

Have I mentioned: that I joined bookmooch this weekend? I have thought about joining it so many times and never did. I’m still kind of getting the hang of things but Dan is mailing out our first book today and I’m looking for a book to mooch right now. I want to find something he and I would both like but it’s slim pickings on that. I have found a few books I’d like but I have so many books to read already, meanwhile he’s in a book slump and needs something new and fresh to fall in love with. Any recommendations? He’s recently read and enjoyed The Host, The Hunger Games & Catching Fire, The Mysterious Benedict series and Shiver (which he only mostly liked – he really didn’t like the ending at all).

I also: made this cool edible playdough recipe that I found on Make and Takes. It came out pretty good and while it got a bit greasy, it was pretty easy to work with. We used some cookie cutters and made fun shapes and I also showed him how to roll it into balls, flatten said balls, make little worm shapes, etc. He had a lot of fun with it but I’m the only one who made any attempts to eat any so I think I’ll stick with our regular play dough for the most part since we already have like 9,000 jars of the stuff.

peanut butter playdough

I really want to make: these little a la carte pie in a jars. We have some of the taller mason jars and use them for just about everything but I might pick up some of these wider squatty jars to make these. I’m always talking about how I want pie but don’t want to have to eat the entire thing. Perfect. I also want to make this cute hugging heart valentine with MM. I think both would be great Valentine Projects, don’t you?

Have you seen: these videos of celebrities reading from other celebrities’ biographies? I love this one with Michael Urie reading Miley Cyrus…

You should really read: this post from Baby, You Give Review Blogging A Bad Name

I’ll leave you with another cute BB picture because if you are anything like me, you might go into withdrawal if I don’t… Check out BB’s new boyfriend…

penguin love

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Both of the kids do look so much more grown up. I know that BB is a little over 6 months, yes? but as a mom whose kids are older I forget that around this age they start to crawl & pull themselves onto things. She just looks so cute!

As for MM? We had that happen w/ haircuts on the Prince too. Especially after the Princess was born. On the one hand it’s so adorable & wonderful & on the other hand I always wanted to pin that hair back & keep him small. Now I just want to cut his hair! (it’s the whole teen thing)

Good luck on the books. I love the Vladimir Taltos books by Steven Brust. He’s got a pretty good sense of humor.


I am not one for the cold weather either. I want the summer to hurry up and come back.

I can’t remember how I potty trained the girls – I remember asking them a lot of times whether they wanted to go and constantly carrying around the portable potty. You idea with the timer sounds like a good idea.

Can I recommend Ruined by Paula Morris for Dan. I loved it.


I like the extra pictures too. Have fun on your playdate. I feel the same way about those indoor play areas – get there before the lunch crowd.

The last one of BB with her penguin friend is too cute – I hope you frame it.


I’m really loving how you changed up Day Book. More pics (of food and kids) are always so much more enjoyable. Can I say that the breakfast pic had beautiful lighting/detail? I guess I just did. It could have easily passed for a P.Dub pic, 🙂


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