Daybook: May 24th

a peek outside


Outside my window: it is muy caliente! At 6:30 this morning our apartment was already 81 degrees so I knew it was gonna be one of those days! I opened our balcony door hoping to cool it down a bit but it got hotter… so now I’m running a fan because I’m cheap and don’t really want to turn on the AC before noon.

I am happy because: our trip to MA is coming up VERY soon, and we have a camping trip and company picnics, baby’s first birthday, more camping, BBQ’s with friends and more coming up in the next couple of months. It’s going to be a fantastic summer.

I am reading: The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan, Teaching Montessori In the Home by Elizabeth G. Hainstock and What Your Preschooler Needs To Know by E.D. Hirsch Jr and Linda Bevilacqua

We are super proud because: yesterday we picked up some fabric and made curtains for the kids’ rooms! We looked in the curtain section first and were pretty unimpressed with the cost / selection. A quick walk through the fabric aisle confirmed – we could have much cuter curtains for half the cost if we made them ourselves, and by “we” I mean “Dan” because let’s be honest, I’m mostly lacking in the crafty gene, whereas the hubby rocks it. We finished BB’s curtains last night and MM’s are nearly done and will be done tonight and they are SUPER cute.

BB's curtains

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One last thing I want to tell you about before I go: awhile back we decided to try a pescetarian diet after I read one too many articles and saw one too many interviews on Ellen about how animal’s are treated before they find their way to our dinner plate. My husband surprised me by supporting the experiment and while we are still eating a largely pescetarian diet, I wanted to check in and let you know that we’ve decided that while we like a pescetarian diet, we like meat, too. So while I still do not really support the meat industry, we are not calling ourselves pescetarian, vegetarian or anything else.

If you are curious, we are still not really buying meat for the house mostly because it’s more expensive and the prep / clean up is more work (and yucky in my opinion) but we’ve been eating meat when we go out to eat. I’m pretty happy with the set up and while I’m not saying that the animal cruelty no longer bothers me, I am content with where we’re at. But I’d be lying if I told you we were still pescetarian, because we’re not. In closing, here’s a cute picture of MM just because:

my little cutie

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  1. Great curtains! Dan is certainly the man & may need to be loaned out for odd jobs like curtain making. For instance, I don’t have curtains & there is no way on God’s green earth that my husband would even know how to sew on a machine let alone thread & maybe even plug the darn thing in. Of course I’ve just learned some of those skills myself so not going to criticize him. Wait? What was I writing? See what happens when you languish in bed all day? ha,ha

    Love the gratuitous shot of MM & his sweet grin.


  2. Very good job on the curtains – impressed that you (you and Dan) worked on them together : ) And hard to imagine that BB will be a year already…that flew by.


  3. Sounds like you have a really busy summer coming up and by the sounds of it a hot one!

    I don’t eat a lot of meat really. I tend to eat more fish than anything, but I don’t think it was a decision I made, it just happened like that.


  4. Love the curtains! My mom is in the process of making me some for my dining room…eventually when my dining room ever gets finished. Can’t wait to see MM’s!

    Sounds like your going to have a great summer!
    Did I see on FB that you created a new blog or did I dream that? In other words I’m to lazy to look for it again and what’s it all about? 🙂


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