Aloha Friday: Sweet Tooth Talkin’

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So I’m going to a BBQ tomorrow night and I signed up to bring a dessert, because, well – I’m that girl – the one who brings dessert. When it comes to cooking, I am much more of a pastry chef than a grill master or a side dish maven. I make dessert.

So you’d think that by now – one day before the event – I’d know what I was bringing. But I cannot make up my mind and still have no idea. Cookies, cupcakes, pie – from scratch, semi-homemade or store bought? I honestly don’t know yet. Part of the problem is that all of those things sound good. Part of the problem is that we are crazy busy and I’m not sure how much time I really have to whip something up or how motivated I’m feeling. We also have a company picnic tomorrow afternoon so that pretty much leaves today and tomorrow morning to throw this together – so I really need to get moving!

So my Aloha Friday question(s)  is/are:

What is your favorite dessert to make and / or eat? What dessert would you make if you only had until basically 10am tomorrow to make it happen?

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15 Replies to “Aloha Friday: Sweet Tooth Talkin’”

  1. I’m a little late here but to answer your question…
    Since I’m making ice cream right now that is what I will go with 😉


  2. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese Cake. Love it! Any kind, love them all. They’re simple to make, quick & you don’t need the oven. Cherry Cheesecake is my favorite with lite whipcream, and I make mine with skim milk. Thanks for stopping by my blog too; hope you come back soon.


  3. Well I’m bringing banana pudding to my companies “cook in” bbq. It’s easy and if you find a great recipe that includes vanilla extract, sour cream and well pudding, bananas, and nilla wafers and of course cool whip. Easy peasy and no baking involved!


  4. My favorite dessert to eat is a toss up between cheesecake and a really good pound cake. My favorite dessert to make is poached pears with chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.


  5. My favorite things to take to a BBQ are dirt cake or sand cake. I like sand cake for a summer shin dig because it fits with the theme. Google it and you’ll find the recipe but it’s super easy to make and so fun to serve. I serve it in a sand pail (a new one) with a shovel, and gummy fish on top. Kids (and adults) love to dig into a bowlful of sand!

    We’re having people over tomorrow and for dessert I’m making watermelon and pineapple ice pops using dixie cups and popsicle sticks, and I’m also attempting a strawberry rhubarb pie which I’ve never made but have had a bug up my butt for lately.


  6. OK, here’s an easy and fancy lookin’ dessert: slice a pound cake horizontally several times (make at least three sections, four is better, and five is difficult!). Spread chocolate frosting on the top of each layer and then sprinkle crumbled Almond Roca on them. Re-stack the layers and frost the whole outside of the cake. When it’s sliced from the end, people get tasty, pretty, YUMMY slices of striped cake. BTW, the first time I made this I did everything from scratch and you couldn’t even tell–it tasted no different than store-bought pound cake and frosting. Since then I’ve always done it with store-bought ingredients and it’s WAY easier. Good luck!


  7. i like to eat anything sweet…
    as for making it…
    um, you dont want me to !
    So, I would get the Pillsbury Brownies that are already made at Sams!


  8. I love butterfinger cake – bake a yellow cake in a 9 x 13 – when it is finished baking take a wooden spoon and poke holes all over it…using a steady hand pour caramel ice cream topping down the holes and around the out side edge of cake…top with whip cream and crushed butterfingers…it’s yummy!


  9. My favorite dessert to eat is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting or cannolis. My fave dessert to make and whip up quickly is boxed brownies. They’re mad easy, fast, and taste way better than any of my scratch attempts. If you want to get real fancy, buy the Ghirardelli brand. The secret is to undercook them a bit. That way they stay moist and chewy.

    Have fun at the bbq and thanks for stopping by!


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