Daybook: September 6th

that beautiful girl of mine


Outside my window: it’s clear now but there are some thunderstorms predicted. The weather has been cooling down quite a bit the last couple of days. I almost can’t remember the constant sweat of summer. To be honest, I don’t miss it either. The cool fall breeze has been a very welcome relief, even with all of the rain.

This weekend we: started shopping for Halloween costumes. We had a ton of luck at Savers where we scored some random second hand clothing that we’re using as pirate costumes for Dan and I and Mickey Mouse for the boy. We are still on the hunt for the perfect Minnie Mouse dress for little BB (at a decent price) but luckily we have that cat costume to fall back on if we don’t find something we like. I decided I’d really love to do a Minnie Mouse costume for her if we can find something because really, how perfect would that be?

I also: went self hosted again! Did you notice? Is everything working for you okay? I’m not sure if you’ll need to update your RSS feeds or not but hopefully everyone finds their way over and all runs smoothly. I love the look and so far I’m very happy with everything.

Revelations by Melissa de la CruzI am reading: Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz right now. It’s the third book in a young adult series about, big surprise, vampires. I started reading this series awhile ago but hadn’t picked up book 3 yet because so many other books kept jumping in front of me and now book 4 is out also which I might just have to pick up soon. I know there is no short supply of vampire fiction out there but this one actually has a remarkably original concept that I won’t go into much detail in for fear of giving away anything but basically imagine that vampires are actually fallen angels. I love all of the biblically historical details of this series, entwined seamlessly with current references and your typical angsty teenagers. The characters occasionally get on my nerves but the overall plot has always been enough to keep me coming back for more.

The other night: my husband accidentally made pink macaroni and cheese. I know, right? But it started out as this joke about how he likes homemade mac and cheese but I’ve been brainwashed by the likes of Kraft and their magical orange powder and honestly prefer the “fake orange mac and cheese.” So my husband in all his cleverness decided to use food coloring to turn his homemade version orange – except after adding the red, he realized we didn’t have any yellow. And the result?

yay for pink!

It actually tasted pretty good – so either his recipe is growing on me or I’m easily amused with fun pink foods. Well, that part is definitely true and it got me thinking that a great idea for BB’s 2nd birthday would be – PINK FOOD! We can make this fun pink mac and cheese and pink cupcakes, and and and… other pink stuff. And it will be awesome. You know, next summer. If I still remember this. Somebody make a note?

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One last picture to share before I go: I thought you might be itching for some adorable sibling cuddles, so …


4 thoughts on “Daybook: September 6th

  1. I like the idea of a pink party but not sure about the pink mac n cheese. I’m sure it tasted fabulous but I can’t seem to get past the color…guess I’m brainwashed too.


  2. @ Jen : The pink was much prettier in real life – my camera kind of gave it a yellowy-unappetizing tint – it was more like a soft pink. Still might seem strange enough to not want to try but it was yummy for sure!


  3. Those boys are just tooooooo adorable. Already following you.. Please stop by & check out my blog. I have give aways & a new meme on Monday’s called “Monday’s Music Moves Me”. Maybe you could come join us. Grab our button for a reminder. It’s tons of fun. Have a great day!


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