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Kids Picks: Ladybug Girl!

My four year old is quickly becoming just as much of a book fiend as his mommy. Totally content to lounge around with a good book or twelve, he really reminds me of myself at his age with a pile of library books beside me. Just before going on vacation we discovered a new series of picture books on We Give Books that we just love. I mentioned The Ladybug Girl books in another post, but I just cannot stop singing it’s praises and I thought the Kids Picks carnival at 5 Minutes For Books would be a perfect opportunity to tell you more about this fantastic series of picture books by Jacky Davis and David Soman.

Ladybug Girl at the Beach

Ladybug Girl at the Beach was the first title we read together online and it was love at first sight. The illustrations in this book are truly remarkable in the detail and emotion that can be conveyed in such a simple, classic way. I don’t think my descriptions of the book will even do it justice, you simply have to check it out for yourself. Within the span of the 5 minutes it took to read this story together, my son and I were smitten.

The story has a cute premise with a nice little lesson to be learned about bravery and trying something new. The characters are so sweet and authentic that you can’t help but fall in love with Lulu (Ladybug Girl) and her family. I think kids will instantly relate to her as she is just all child and excellently portrayed and the idea of using a sort of super hero pseudonym to find the bravery to try something that you are maybe afraid of or just unsure about is a great idea for kids to grasp. Maybe Lulu is too afraid to go into the water, but Ladybug Girl can do anything – because she’s a super hero!

We also read Ladybug Girl and Bumblee Boy online together  and loved that as well. More beautiful illustrations and a similar story but totally it’s own. This book introduces the idea that any kid can be a super hero, not just Lulu – so any little one who is thinking, “I wish I could be like Ladybug Girl” will realize that they totally can be! The book also talks about how important it is to play nicely together and treat each other with respect which I think is such an important playground lesson for kids and grownups alike!

This weekend in the store, MM and I browsed through the original Ladybug Girl story as well as a cute board book called Ladybug Girl Dresses Up! which would be perfect for the littler Ladybug Girl fans in your life. The original book deals with learning to play by yourself and use your imagination to find new things to do when your parents or siblings aren’t around – such a good topic, am I right? I loved this scene in the book where Lulu stands in her bedroom filled with toys and says quite plainly, “There is nothing to do.” I couldn’t help but laugh and picture my own kids surrounded by toys but still so bored. I just love this series – it’s so beautifully written and drawn and just one of the best group of picture books I’ve read in a long time! I’m definitely planning to buy a few of these books for our personal collection soon!

If you are looking for more great picture books, make sure you check out 5 Minutes For Books’ Fall Festival of Childrens Books this week for some great reviews and giveaways!

Kids Picks @ 5 Minutes for Books

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We finally read our first Ladybug Girl book this week – the original. My daughter absolutely loves it and is considering dressing up as Ladybug Girl for Halloween. Her favorite part is where ladybug looks at her brother off in a distance measuring him between her thumb and pointer finger. We need to check out the rest of the books, now!


We just set up a computer for the boys in the loft, in addition to the cable channel websites I’m going to make sure to include some of these digital books. Great idea! And the Ladybug Girl sounds so cute, I think Alex would turn his nose up at a book about a girl but Zach is too young to care about that, I’ll have to check them out.


Oh, I snatched up a copy of Ladybug Girl at the Beach (back when my son was really into ladybugs earlier this summer) and I thought the idea for this book was so cute! We haven’t read any of the others in the series as I haven’t come across them yet. But that was definitely a fun read!


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