vacation review: Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells

Okay, now I think the time has come to overwhelm you with vacation pictures and a little mini review in case you are ever thinking of going to the Dells and wondering where to stay. You ready?

wilderness resort villa

As I mentioned, we stayed at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. This is a picture of one of their adorable little villa condo thingies. We did not stay in one of these – we were in one of the main hotels, but I thought this picture gave a really great representation of the Wilderness Resort and what they are about.

MM ridiculously high up in the play park

We spent a lot of our time in the Tibmerland Play Park, which boasts “a spectacular, 30,000 square-foot, four-story DRY interactive area that features countless foam ball blasters, a ball fountain that launches hundreds of balls into the air at once, interesting crawl spaces and slides that are guaranteed to make your stomach flip-flop.” This play area was freaking crazy. Dan and I took turns crawling through this thing with MM and by “took turns” I mean I willingly entered it once and then never again, forcing Dan to go in every other time. FREAKING CRAZY and not even a little bit designed for a slightly over weight, totally out of shape nearly 30 year old (holy twinkies, am I really almost 30?) but honestly as freaking crazy as it was, it was also freaking awesome and my much healthier husband and four year old had an absolute blast every time.

little lady in a little log

Meanwhile little BB and I were able to entertain ourselves in the toddler play area just outside of the climbing craziness. This area is similar to any mall play area you’ve seen, but luckily it was minus the 10 million big kids who are really too old to be in the area (although we stayed at the resort on weekdays, it might be totally different in season on a weekend). BB had a blast crawling through the little logs and waterfalls and climbing into this fun little curled up snake and would have happily spent hours there if need be.

admiring her pretty reflection

BB on a turtle!!!

You really have no idea how exciting this picture is. I’m planning an entire post devoted to the excitement of this turtle, so you’ll just have to be patient, okay?

BB the snake tamer

here I am!

These little bridge “tunnel” things are kind of like the world’s most awesome game of peekaboo, am I right?

BB with her arcade swag

Next door to the play park is an arcade and by “next door” I mean, walk five feet that way – they are really more just attached to each other. We bought about $20 worth of tokens, played a half million games of ski ball, deal or no deal and random racing games and walked away with a cute stuffed frog for BB and a set of dominoes, a slinky and a jump rope for MM.

begging to go back in the water

When we weren’t in the play area, MM wanted to immediately be in one of the indoor water parks. He and daddy went to the water park a couple of times while mommy and BB had quiet time and we all went together once. There were several to choose from and in season there are outdoor water parks as well. I thought they were a little bit too old for our little little ones, but Dan is very confident in the water and they all had a good time.

moosejaw pizzeria - it delivers!

We ate in a few of the resort’s restaurants and food shacks but we also made sure to check out a few of the places outside the resort as well. We were particularly impressed with Moosejaw Pizzeria especially for it’s “touristy” experience. Check out their delivery cars!

random ridiculous thing for me to make my kids pose with - check!

It even had a random ridiculous statue for me to make my kids pose for a picture with! What could be better than that, am I right? Plus it serves double duty as a place to sit while waiting.

BB the moose

MM is a moose too

The service here was excellent and the kids were tickled pink with their little moose hats. Plus, the food was good. Always a plus right? This place was very family friendly and fun with good food at a decent-ish price (all the prices at the Dells are a little high given the touristy shtick).

All in all, the vacation was much fun, probably too expensive and tiring enough with our little ones that we were more than happy to go home at the end, which is always nice.

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  1. I want to go!
    that looks so fun… and with marc and 4 boys, i know everyone would love it…
    (I want that moose hat for broxton too!)
    lol, thanks for sharing


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