Daybook: November 1st

the trick or treat gang


Outside my window: it’s another cloudy, cool day. tells me it is in the 40’s right now with a high of 55 predicted. Last night we trick or treated in 45 degree weather but when the sun began to set, it got pretty cold. By the time we got home and realized we’d left windows open, I was an absolute (wimpy) Popsicle!

trick or treat!

Last night: was obviously Halloween. The kiddos wore their Mickey and Minne costumes and we went around our friend’s neighborhood were MM got the world’s hugest loot of Halloween candy. We will be in candy heaven for awhile now, I think. We’ve already divvied up the candy, letting MM keep a few of his predicted favorites and Dan and I did the same, sending the rest of it to Dan’s office to let coworkers have a go at.

mostly minnie

The kids costumes were on the understated side and once jackets and hats started to happen, I’m not sure anyone could really tell what they were but they still had a blast. BB really had only a mild interest in wearing her Minnie Ears but she sure looked cute! I tried to make sure that most of their costumes were made of individual pieces that could be reworn in their regular wardrobe. Next year I will add to that demand that they be much, much warmer.

she and I

We also: spent a bit of time bumming around the apartment on Saturday, letting Dan get some knitting projects done while I spent sometime online planning possible sabbatical vacations. Every 5 years his employer gives employees a 5 week sabbatical (my details might not be exactly right but you get the idea). If said employee travels to a country he’s never been to, they help pay for the airfare. Pretty cool, huh? After a lot of humming and hawing we are toying with the idea of saving his first sabbatical to take a trip to Europe for our 10 year anniversary (in 6 years). We guess that our kids might opt to spend 2 weeks with their grandparents while we take a trip to Madrid, Paris, Venice and Athens (1 week each in 2 cities, 1 or 2 days in the other 2). All of this of course is still just hypothetical and depending on our budget, etc. but it does sound like a fantastic anniversary trip, doesn’t it?

I am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle still and also The Sweet Potato Queens Guide to Raising Children for Fun and Profit by Jill Conner Browne. I’m getting  through the paper books much quicker than the electronic ones, but that’s the way I figured it would go – especially with a Sweet Potato Queens book – love them and they are such light, quick reads. After SPQ I plan to probably start reading The Lace Reader, the next book club pick.

You should check out these great links:

  • I love this fantastic DIY Childs Activity Table at Our Family Unit. I really like the idea of designing something for your specific needs and aesthetic. I spent some time last night imaging the perfect storage / table ideas for our house (you know the one we’re supposedly buying this Spring).
  • Blissfully Domestic has a great post on taking self portraits – something I always struggle with but am slowly getting the hang of.
  • Got 2 minutes? Live Laugh Eat has two great pumpkiny microwavy recipes that you need to check out!

One last picture to share before I go: Underneath her Minnie Dress, BB wore a black turtleneck and thick black stockings. She looked like a ninja for sure – or maybe a Parisian art student. Add cat ears and some face paint, and she could have been a cat, too! Very versatile!

ninja baby

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  1. Louisa May Alcott was just covered in my son’s history book. I think that’s the next book we’re going to do for our family reading in the evenings, Little Women that is. (with adult content glossed over)

    I’ve seen the movie many, many times but I’ve been on a kick lately of reading books after the seeing the movie. I’m looking forward to reading her actual writing.


  2. That sabbatical thing sounds pretty awesome. I’d be all over Australia. Or Alaska. Or, like you, maybe back to Europe. sigh… it just sounds so lovely to even think about it!


  3. Your kidlets are just *too* cute! We’re way down south, so my kids were stripping off bits and pieces of their costumes as we went along! 🙂

    Also…did you know that you can share photos on the Blissfully Domestic site when you comment? We’d love to see a self-portrait! 🙂


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