Daybook: November 8th

a monday sunset


Outside my window: the sun is starting to set has set. When I started this post it was just setting and I snapped the picture above. Then I had to stop and make dinner. An hour later, bellies full of yummy spaghetti, it’s now dark outside. One of the side effects of daylight savings time is that my husband now has a commute home in the dark. When I was in middle school / early high school I can remember my curfew being “dark” – not a specific time, just be home before the street lights are on basically. It used to drive me nuts this time of year but to be honest, as a parent, now I can actually see my dad’s point and get behind it. The world seems much safer when the sun is out.

This weekend we: took a trip to IKEA to get a few of the essential Christmas presents for the year. We got this play food fruit basket for little BB and this treasure chest for MM which we plan to fill with dress up clothes, hats, etc. We bought a couple of clearance rack hats from the Halloween section of our local Savers a week or two ago and I’m planning to make him a cape and super hero mask (or make Dan do it).

play kitchen from Aldi

We also: found this awesome play kitchen at Aldi for thirty dollars and couldn’t resist. It’s a much bigger present than we’d been planning but not out of our price range so we decided to splurge for it and go smaller in other areas instead.

blueberry cake

Last night: I baked this beautiful blueberry cake – I got the recipe from one of the women participating at the 365 project and I’ve been anxious to try it out. I haven’t had a slice yet but I’m planning to indulge in some tonight and anticipate it being quite delicious.

I am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle still and The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. I’m a little over 2/3rds through this book and liking it more and more every night I sit down to read. At first I was only sort of luke warm about the book but it’s really growing on me. More and more I get the fanfare about Macomber’s books and I have a feeling I’ll be continuing with this series eventually. Last night I picked up a clearance copy of A First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde which I’m very excited about – I read Something Rotten, book four in the series back in early 2009 so it’s taken me a long time to finally snag a copy of the next and possibly last book in this series. I’m not sure if I’ll be reading that or The Lace Reader (the next book club pick) next but both look really good.

I have written: about 14,000 words so far for my NaNoWriMo novel. That puts me right on track with the average though I’m hoping to get a bit more ahead this week as I don’t anticipate having a lot of writing time the week of Thanksgiving. I started this project late in the game so I’m pretty proud of having caught up so quickly. I’ve already pushed past a few instances of writer’s block which were really more “I’m not sure what happens next,” block that were quickly solved by my deciding to just keep writing anyway until something happened. I’m going to have to do that again pretty soon – I’m hoping to write more tonight but if it doesn’t happen I will try to write twice as much tomorrow instead.

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One last picture to share before I go: I had to take a picture of BB playing in her former Halloween costume dress which has now transitioned into her closet as a “seriously cute dress” – doesn’t she look beautiful?

BB's pretty dress

6 thoughts on “Daybook: November 8th

  1. Looks like you scored for Christmas.
    Im not a fan of the daylight savings time. I’m ok with it being dark thirty in the morning on my way to work but not so much dark thirty at 6pm coming home from work. Just feels like the day is completely over and time to go to bed.


  2. I have had writer’s block too today and I just did the same as you and pushed through it. Nothing I have written needs to be set in stone, so I know I can go back and change it eventually.
    I love BB’s dress, she looks gorgeous.
    I really enjoyed The Shop at Blossom Street and I have picked up a couple of her Christmas books for the month of December.


  3. What a deal you got on the play kitchen! don’t you just love when things like that happen? serendipity! 🙂

    thanks for including Simple Kids in your links. Looking forward to seeing how your homemade plans come along.

    Good for you on doing NaNoWriMo! That is quite an endeavor!

    Best wishes, Kara


  4. She is just so darn cute I could just look at her all day. Those baby blues just melt my heart. mmmmmmmmmmm I saw the blueberry cake and her blue eyes and I just couldn’t look at anything else. Have a good one!


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