Talkin' Turkey.

When I saw this coffee filter turkey craft idea at Superheroes and Princesses I was just dying to try it out with MM and this week I finally got around to actually doing it.

coffee filter doodling

First we had to track down some coffee filters. We actually have a lot of these it turns out as we bought a bag for the coffee maker we almost never use so that when company is over we can make coffee, while we ourselves use a stove top espresso maker which doesn’t use them. So we are really putting them to good use now.

After we’d doodled to our hearts content, we followed the directions at S & P and sprayed some water on them with a spray bottle over the bathroom sink (kitchen sink was full of dishes, I won’t lie to you). MM thought this part was a lot of fun.

post spray

After the filters had been sprayed and the marker had successfully spread around a bit, we set them out to dry on some paper towels in the kitchen (I doubled up using two towels for each filter), I cleaned the washable marker out of the sink and then we waited. I decided to just announce we’d finish the craft tomorrow so that MM would not obsessively check to see “if the papers were dry yet” not that it stopped him from doing that anyway.

Today we moved on to Step B, cutting out a turkey head, beak and do-hickey – I mean snood. You knew the correct term for that little red thingie, didn’t you? We had to improvise a bit since we had neither red nor brown construction paper and no googley eyes either. We just used plain old white construction paper and crayons and made due with what we have which I think is so the point of this entire craft project, don’t you?

mommy's turkey MM's turkey

Please ignore my dirty windows.

My snood did not really come out quite right but luckily my 4 year old didn’t know the difference.

These are now hanging up on our balcony sliding door – I bet my daughter will flip when she sees them after naptime – teehee! I put them on the outside door in between the screen and the glass so little hands can’t reach. They might get ruined if it rains, but they will definitely get ruined if the one year old gets at them so compromises had to be made. Any dry weather vibes sent our way will be greatly appreciated.

paper towel art

After finishing our project, I noticed the paper towels we’d used to dry the coffee filters looked awful pretty and had to snap a few pictures. I couldn’t think of anything else to do with them but couldn’t bear throwing them away just yet so I hung them on MM’s bedroom door as some temporary art which he thought was pretty terrific.

more paper towel art

I’m all about milking this project for all it’s worth, I won’t lie.

MM  had so much fun with this that he wanted to continue with turkey crafts and drew this:

gobble gobble

Peek-a-boo! Apparently he’d also had a lot of fun with the safety scissors and he snuck in a bit of cutting before I noticed and put them away with a stern, “No using scissors without mommy!” Possibly over kill, but I figured better safe than sorry and promised him we’d do more cutting another day.

So that’s the end of our Turkey Craft Project. If anyone else decides to try this, too, I’d love to see pictures! Also, feel free to share any other easy fall / winter craft projects in the comments section.

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