FIR' 10: Question #11: Skipping to the End

Fall Into Reading 2010 @ Callapidder DaysAs part of the Fall Into Reading Challenge, Katrina @ Callapidder Days has decided to post a weekly question related to the challenge.

She writes, “I thought it would be a great way to keep Fall Into Reading participants connected throughout the course of the challenge.”

Here’s the question for this week:

Do you ever read the end of a book before you actually get there? Have you sneaked a peek at the last page or two to find out what happens? Or do you faithfully avoid the final pages until you’ve “earned” them by reading to that point?

This used to be a weakness of mine, as a teenager especially. Reading a great love story with lots of drama, I’d tell myself I just needed to know how it all worked out. If there was going to be a happy ending or not and with whom. Sometimes the book might accidentally open to pages ahead of where I was and I’d sneak a peek at a few passages.

Back then I was also kind of a fickle reader though, prone to skipping “boring” passages and skimming others. I read what I wanted and ignored the rest and one thing I learned looking back is that habits like that don’t lead to actually knowing a story. I missed a lot of details that I had no idea were there and might never know about if I never picked up the book again.

So I try to read a lot more faithfully now – not spoiling the end anymore because that never really brings any satisfaction in the long run to a story. It’s more like a cheap thrill that could even potentially ruin the story for you.  I’ve also had to work very hard to avoid that awful habit of skim reading and have fortunately gotten much better about both bad habits and I have to say, I’m enjoying the books I read more now, probably because of that.

How about you? Do you ever sneak a peek at the end of a book you are reading?

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