Daybook: December 6th

winter wonderland


Outside my window: it looks pretty enough, but it’s absolutely frigid out. The picture above is actually from this weekend after our first real snowstorm of the year (click here to see a really cool shot from the same photo shoot). It’s kept cold enough that a lot of that fluffy white stuff is still out there, we’ll see how long it stays or whether we get more of it soon. It’s officially winter hat and scarf weather in my book, regardless. And since I like winter hats and scarves, I’m going to call that a good thing. Since I don’t like being cold, I’m also calling it hot cocoa by the mug-full weather.

blurry christmas

This weekend we: put up the Christmas tree, which honestly doesn’t involve very much since we are still using the same small, prelit tree and it was made even easier this year after my decision to not use any of our ornaments this year since we have a sneaky ninja, I mean sixteen month old baby in the house who likes to climb on things and chew on other things. I’m planning to do lots of inexpensive crafts this month as I mentioned before, so I think it will still look plenty festive. I’m planning to make this photo card wreath idea from Katydid & Kid this week.

We also: got the kids’ picture taken with Santa as I mentioned here and ran some errands, grocery shopping and picking up most of the last few bits and pieces for our Christmas stockings, etc. I still want to make a cape and mask for the dress up box I’m making the kids, I’m planning to use an old t-shirt of Dan’s for that using this idea I found at homemade by jill (just take a t-shirt and cut, leaving the collar intact, then cut the collar in half and add velcro). I can us leftover t-shirt fabric to make a quick mask, too.

rum cake heaven

In the Kitchen: My MIL sent us her rum cake recipe and we immediately bought all necessary ingredients and whipped up a cake this weekend which came out awesome. Doesn’t it look delicious? My waist line might be in trouble now that I know how to make these myself and don’t have to wait for my annual fix.

I am reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott on my Kindle and I’m now over halfway through and meanwhile I’ve got other books piling up left and right so hopefully I can finish it fairly soon, though to be honest, I’m enjoying my nightly time with the March family so in some ways, I kind of don’t ever want to finish, you know?

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One last picture to share before I go: here’s a quick snapshot of MM and Godwin in the car. MM was very anxious to show Godwin around town this weekend.

on the road

3 thoughts on “Daybook: December 6th

  1. Wonderful idea for the tree. Sixteen month olds are exactly like ninjas! I’m so wishing it was hat & scarf weather here. Ever since we moved here I say that & it’s so true.

    There’s more to the Little Women series. There’s Little Men & Jo’s Boys plus a different series that goes into the cousins which starts off w/ Eight Cousins & ends w/ Rose in Bloom. I loved them all!


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