Aloha Friday: Happy Christmas Eve / Birthday to Me!

It’s a very special day today for two reasons. The first being obvious – it’s Christmas Eve. There will likely be cookie baking and Christmas Eve Pajamas opening and maybe a drive through town to look at the lights. I am so excited about Christmas morning this year, and I know my 4 1/2 year old is probably even more excited and he doesn’t even know about all the awesome stuff he’s getting!

It’s also a special day because it’s my birthday! 28 years ago today my parents got the world’s coolest Christmas present a day early. People all across the world were singing carols of joy and I like to think it was partly because they knew I had been born and that eventually I’d go on to write this blog and make a difference in the lives of five readers everywhere. I’d fill hearts across the country with laughter and pictures of cute kids and smug feelings of, “Jeez, if this girl can land an amazing husband and two adorable kids, I’m pretty sure I could solve world hunger or something.” Which means I probably sort of cause world peace at some point. No need to thank me, though I do accept cookies, free books and techy swag (I might even review it for you).

So my Aloha Friday question this week is:

What are you doing today to celebrate my birthday (or Christmas Eve if you prefer, but honestly, who are we kidding?)?

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10 responses to “Aloha Friday: Happy Christmas Eve / Birthday to Me!”

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    […] a two-week long hiatus from the internet during the day and BB got her first pair of winter boots. I celebrated my 28th birthday and we had a fantastic, intimate Christmas at home. And just before the year ended, BB wore her […]


  2. noelle Avatar

    so sorry…
    happy late birthday!
    hope it was a great one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we just had family time…


  3. JamericanSpice Avatar

    You are fun!

    Happy Birthday to you ! And Merry Christmas!

    I’ll be spending time with the inlaws and other relatives


  4. Denise Avatar

    Ok first of all, I just left a comment, but my computer did something weird, so hopefully this isn’t duplicating!

    I will sing you a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday, complete with dance. Then tonight I will eat a slice of pizza in your honor whilest playing Scrabble and watching a movie!


  5. Lynn Avatar

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Eve to you! Shall we celebrate with a champagne toast?


  6. Cuzinlogic Avatar

    I’ll be cooking and spending time with the family. We plan to play board games and watch Christmas movies.
    Happy Birthday!


  7. tastymoog Avatar

    happy birthday! i am making a cheesecake and letting my man wrap gifts (he’s awesome at it, i suck at wrapping).



  8. jen@odbt Avatar

    Happy Happy Birthday!!! and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  9. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) Avatar

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How cool that today is extra special! 😉

    We’ll be opening our presents this evening – then Santa gifts in the morning and a big dinner tomorrow afternoon…I’ll set an extra plate for you! 😉

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! 🙂

    Aloha: Christmas Dinner


  10. angie Avatar

    Happy Birthday to the baby Jesus, you and I have a good friend that shares this same birthday. As far as our plans go we will be attending church together as a family and then spending a quiet evening and day tommorow as there are no little ones and the teens think it is a time for peace and quiet go figure