A Year in Review: 2010 in photos and old posts

I thought I’d take a moment to look back on the past year and reflect and such. I’ll highlight some blog posts, post my 12 favorite pictures from 2010 (one for each month sounds fair) and probably babble a lot. Shall we start?


january best photoWhen I rang in the new year in 2010 I had grand goals of weight loss that to be honest, were not very well realized in spite of good intentions and a good game plan. Sometimes you are simply sleep deprived and unmotivated. I’m hoping that as the children are getting a little older and my hormones become more predictable, that I’ll be able to do better this year.

We also started saving money to buy a house last year, which is paying off in a major way as it looks like that dream may be realized this Spring!


february top photo

I think the big highlight of February was The Great Mouse Hunt in which we learned how to catch a mouse successfully. I also took lots of pretty pictures of course like that gorgeous close up of a snowflake on my glove.


march top photo

In March we took a little day trip to Milwaukee which was so much fun! We adored the children’s museum there and had a fantastic dinner at The Safe House where I took this cool photo. March was also a month for milestones: like the baby crawling and me switching to Linux! I also started planning MM’s 4th birthday party!


april top photo

We had a beautiful spring that included a lot of long walks through the neighborhood and me marveling at the beauty of nature. I think I truly fell in love with our town in April during those days.

In April we also celebrated Easter, MM’s 4th birthday (more about the party) and BB turning 9 months old. I read one of my favorite books of the year (and maybe ever) Eat, Pray, Love. We also started to finally make some new friends.


may top photo

In May I became a little too infatuated with photo editing and most of my pictures looked overly saturated and glowy for awhile but that’s okay. I was editing my pictures in both Picasa and Picnik and was putting borders and rounded corners on everything!

We started teaching MM to spell some words, started gathering camping gear, Dan made curtains for the kids’ rooms and I read a great book that made me rethink dieting a little bit (though to be fair, I’ve gained 20 pounds since I read it). We also left for a trip to MA to visit family at the end of May which meant taking the kids on their first ever airplane trip (photo above).


june favorite photo

In June we took our first family camping trip, blew lots of bubbles and I cut my hair short for the first time since the 4th grade!


july top photo

July was all about summer fun – trips to the beach, riding tricycles and more camping. We also started the long, arduous task of house hunting and Miss BB celebrated her first birthday (and first birthday party)! I read a truly awesome book called Eating for Beginners by Melanie Rehak (why are all the books I’m mentioning about eating?). I also did a brief stint of cooking without recipes in an attempt to better use our CSA vegetables which resulted in a lot of delicious eating!


august top photo

August was the month of Bike Adventures when we picked up a bike trailer and a second bike on Craigs List so that we could take family bike rides – something which thrilled MM especially to no end! I also discovered a delicious and easy new way to cook eggplant and other end of summer vegetables. It was a delicious month for cooking with the help of yummy CSA vegetables!


september top photo

In September MM started t-ball which was not as much fun as I’d thought it would be, but probably a good experience for all of us. I reviewed yet another of my all time favorite books of the year, or ever, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Dan made pink macaroni and cheese and we took a ridiculously hot walk at the arboretum. We also took a family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells which is one of the bigger vacation destinations in the area – think waterpark city – while we were there we found a turtle statue which in our family is kind of a big deal!

That month we also discovered a new favorite picture book series, the Ladybug Girl books which the entire family quickly fell in love with. And we did a lot of fun fall crafts (really, a lot).


october top photo

In October I took the kids to the zoo with friends – our zoo is almost always a lot of fun and always free, which makes it funner, I’m sure. I discovered a fun new ingredient to add to my favorite cookie recipe. We went pumpkin picking (and took the kids in a corn maze), I forced my daughter to wear a tutu and MM took indoor soccer which I liked much more than t-ball. And of course, Halloween happened.


november top photo

In November we made coffee filter turkeys, I read the classic novel, Anne of Green Gables for the first time (and loooved it) and we took another trip to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving vacation / Dan’s birthday! We were visited by an Elf from the North Pole when we got back from MA which was a great way to start the Christmas festivities. Oh yeah, and I wrote a novel in 30 days.


december top photo

In December I decided that rather than deal with the stress of breakable ornaments and toppling trees, I would leave our (undecorated) Christmas tree on the floor rather than on a table (small prelit fiber optic tree). We put up almost no decorations basically but crafted and crafted and crafted and crafted all month long. The kids got their picture taken with Santa and I made my first rum cake (then later I broke our stand mixer trying to make another one). I begged my daughter to stop growing older and Santa Claus hats were worn frequently. I took a two-week long hiatus from the internet during the day and BB got her first pair of winter boots. I celebrated my 28th birthday and we had a fantastic, intimate Christmas at home. And just before the year ended, BB wore her hair in her first ever up do (and didn’t like a single second of it). We rang in the new year with new friends from across the hall watching Toy Story 3 and eating yummy snacks and that, is how 2010 ended.


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