just a typical day at daddy's office

sliding into the new year

a handy seat

fun house mirrors

entrance to hell

impromptu family photo

chief monkey boy

train chasing

embarking on a grand adventure

We’ve made it an annual tradition (as in, two years in a row now) to take a walk through Dan’s office on New Years Day and look at all of the many, many cool things there. The photo ops there are numerous and it’s a great place to get a fun family photo.

And then I can post the pictures online later and make people wonder, “Where in the world does he work anyway?” Sometimes I ask myself that, too. Like maybe  his company is really a cover up operation for something nefarious or even just really cool. Could Dan be a government agent perhaps? I’ll never tell.

6 thoughts on “just a typical day at daddy's office

  1. okay, will you ever tell where he does work?
    love the pics…
    your family is too cute…
    but back to his job…
    that looks SO FUN!
    I want to come play!!!!!


  2. It looks like he works for Disney although I’m pretty sure that the offices are in California.

    MM especially looks like he had a great day! You all look great in your photo!


  3. Sooo fun! I’m jealous I want an office like that. All I have is an endless sea of cubicles on all 6 floors.
    Oh and I love your hair! You look all grown up and it’s cute to boot!


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