a sneak peek into her world

Sometimes I wonder what our life looks like in her eyes. Are her days exciting and rewarding or does she long to see more of the world? What is it like when every minute of your life is still new and exciting, when every day is brand new?

I wonder on any given day, if you asked me, MM or BB about our day – what details would I give that they wouldn’t and vice versa? What things were important to each of us and what things did we miss? At the end of the day, what moments mattered and what details slipped by unmentioned? Does she care if I vacuum? Will he remember how many of his meals were well balanced? What joys and sorrows do they experience that I don’t even know about because they didn’t think to explain or didn’t have the words to say, “this was the moment that mattered today.”

4 responses to “perspective.”

  1. amber Avatar

    I often wonder that too. What on earth is going on in that little head? I wish she could tell me.


  2. Sues2u2 Avatar

    No, they’ll remember the little things like you & Dan playing w/ them & the joy they feel & know in your home. My dad told me once that he used to love when his mom played board games w/ them or helped them make an ice skating pond in the yard. I remember my parents chasing each other w/ squirt bottles & my dad playing a tag game in the snow every year w/ us. The balanced meals & clean house are just icing on the cake!


  3. blueviolet Avatar

    I suspect there is a lot of joy in their every day at your house!


  4. Jean M. Avatar

    Love that pic! Great simple post, love it!