ww: they say you have to walk a mile in someone's shoes…

they say you have to walk a mile in someone's shoes... on 365 Project

6 responses to “ww: they say you have to walk a mile in someone's shoes…”

  1. Jean M. Avatar

    I love it! For sure a top pic for January.


  2. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Sues2u2 : That picture was ridiculously difficult to take as she would not stop walking while I was snapping away so I had a lot of outtakes where the angle was wrong, picture was blurry, etc!


  3. Sues2u2 Avatar

    So darling! I love how you’ve got the perfect balance in that pix. I never once took a pix of my daughter in my shoes. Wish I had.


  4. noelle Avatar

    love it!
    i love when broxton walks in our shoes..
    so cute


  5. jen@odbt Avatar

    Oh I remember those days. All my kids, including my boys, loved to wear my shoes. I’m sure they would not admit it now.


  6. blueviolet Avatar

    A mile, huh? Well, she might make it a few feet.