Daybook: January 10th

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Outside my window: it’s cold but a bit warmer than yesterday. We’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow which seems nice given that most of our previous snowfall has nearly melted. Although now would be an ideal time for Wisconsin to invest in heated streets. I’m just saying.

shopping with BB

This weekend : was fairly low key, although yesterday was filled to the brim with productivity. I went to the gym and exercised (by myself!) then Dan took MM to the Y to work on teaching him to swim, while BB and I perused the mall together (a little girl time, much needed) where I picked up a board book copy of Olivia which I’d never read before – so cute! I think it’s going to become a family favorite.

sitting at the big kid table

We also: started having BB sit at the table with us now instead of using her booster seat tray. We’ve tried before with no real luck (too much goofing off and grabbing things and trying to push the chair back with her feet) but so far so good this time and she is loving the Big Kidness of it all!

Last night: we made this awesome BBQ chicken soup recipe (found at the Picky Palate). It’s a really easy recipe with a minimal amount of prepping and just the right amount of canned goods to make life easy. I definitely recommend it and enjoyed making and eating it.

I am reading: Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery on my kindle right now. There was no adjustment period needed this time to get used to the older language and the lengthy descriptions of a classic book. I am simply adoring it and almost wishing I didn’t have so many other books clamoring for my attention right now because it would be lovely to just sit and read the whole series.

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One last picture to share before I go: how about two for the price of one? I have a super cute MM picture to share:

And I couldn’t resist sharing this cute picture of little BB clearly tuckered out after a long day of shopping with mommy!

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Your kids are so adorable. Big, bright blue eyes & all. Love the photo @ the end of BB so tuckered out w/ one boot on & one boot off.

You can read like my daughter. She’s reading the Ramona books, Harry Potter 4 & something else from the library. She totally amazes me.


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