Final Thoughts: Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (1987 miniseries)

Anne of Green Gables: The SequelI just wanted to wrap up my thoughts on Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, the 1987 mini-series which I began and reviewed yesterday and finished watching today.

I have to say, having finished the movie, I did enjoy it a lot. Though I wasn’t terribly happy with the scenes and characters left out, the important part, you know, the Anne and Gilbert of it all, was kept mostly in tact and was wonderful to watch on the (smallish) screen.

I’ve really enjoyed the old fashioned romance of Anne and Gilbert, the simple moments and so much left to be desired, I think it’s much more romantic than the love stories you’d see today which are so modern and forward.

I think the actors were just so excellently cast for each of the characters in this story and they all did a terrific job. It really wraps you up in the world of Avonlea and makes you feel like you are there and part of the story and it all ends perfectly just like Anne of the Island does, with such warm feelings in your heart.

I can leave the series now with those warm feelings, though I eagerly anticipate the 2012 L.M. Montgomery Challenge next year so I can indulge again in more things Anne and see the rest of her story unfold. I have a feeling that the books I read this year might pale a bit in comparison to Anne’s story as she has officially I think become my favorite novel heroine and kindred spirit.

How have you enjoyed this reading challenge? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Anne of Green Gables, either the books or the films.

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