Aloha: Get Me Outta Here

healthiest looking sick kids everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

It’s Friday again bloggy buddies! I don’t know about you, but this week has just craaaaaawled for me, mostly because we haven’t left the apartment all.freaking.week. See, my kiddos have had this persistent cough since like the beginning of time (okay MM has had it for 2 weeks, little BB about 1 week) and every time I’ve taken them out, I end up regretting it.

I keep going back and forth on whether or not I think they are actually sick because it’s one of those annoying They Seem Perfectly Happy and Healthy All Day if you ignore the COUGH HACK SPLURT every twenty minutes or so kind of sicknesses. Okay I’m exaggerating on the hacking and splurting, cause it’s more of a dry cough, but I thought the extra descriptions make my situation seem more dire and worthy of your sympathy.

But then every time last week that I said, “Screw it, these kids aren’t even sick and I’m BORED!” and took them out, they immediately set to work coughing on everyone in sight and making me feel all guilty germy neglectful mommy, so inside this week we stayed and it’s suuuuuucked.

So this combined with other hormonal elements and typical mischievous toddler and bored out of his skull preschooler antics have made it kind of a stressful, banging on the doors begging for mercy kind of weeks. By the end of the week, basically all of the toys have been taken away, leaving BB with like one lone block and MM his coloring supplies and seriously, yeah that’s about it (okay fine, I didn’t take BB’s baby dolls away and the giant toy kitchen is still in the living room because there’s no room left in our bedroom, but there aren’t any toy foods or plates or silverware or anything, not even the fine toy china, people, I went ballistic!)…

Hmmm… what was my point again? Oh right, I’m bored. And cold. And suffering a bit of cabin fever…

So my Aloha Friday question this week is:

If you could be anywhere but here today, where would you be?

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16 responses to “Aloha: Get Me Outta Here”

  1. Mel Avatar

    As a fellow Wisconsonite, I say anywhere warm!


  2. Amy @ Coffee with the Mrs. Avatar

    It’s so sad when little ones get sick. 😦 I hope they feel better soon.
    To answer your question, I would love to be somewhere warm. I keep thinking about California…sounds so nice right now as it’s snowy and 27 degrees out


  3. rach Avatar

    Oh no, I hope they’re both better soon, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in bored! I have the opposite problem this week! I’ve been out working nights and feel like my body clock is completely screwed, so I’d prefer to be in bed the supposedly correct time!


  4. Beth @ TheAngelForever Avatar

    It has been a long January here with the cold, snow, and sick members of the family. I would love to run away to Disney World.


  5. Tammy Avatar

    I would say…Hawaii or Vegas…someplace with just grownups!


  6. Nancy Avatar

    Hey why are your comments stripping out capital letters? Weird.


  7. Nancy Avatar

    It sucks to be housebound, I hope they stop hacking and spluttering soon.

    Don’t hate me, but it was like 62 today and will be in the 50s/60s again tomorrow. I walked the dog with a tee shirt and zip-up hoodie, and regretted having taken the hoodie. I’m sure we’ll get our share of cold weather again but for now, I’m pretty happy to be right here!

    But then I’d also love to be in Disney World but that’s pretty much true year-round.


  8. JamericanSpice Avatar

    I hope your babies feel better soon. Such beautiful eyes!

    If I could be anywhere right now. I’d love to be sitting in a chair talking to my mother while we eat.


  9. Stacy Uncorked Avatar

    Awww! So sorry your cute little kiddos have been sick! Hope they feel better soon!

    Hmmmm…anywhere but here today…a warm beach in the Caribbean! 🙂


  10. jen@ourdailybigtop Avatar

    Hope they feel better soon. It does kind of stink when you can’t go anywhere. We just had a mini winter break b/c of the snow and the kids have been home for 4 days straight. So far, no one has gone mental but I think we’re all ready to get back to our routine after the weekend. As for where I’d want to be right now…a warm sunny beach.


  11. Cuzinlogic Avatar

    On vacation, like I had planned until work required mandatory overtime. Hope the kids feel better soon.


  12. Becca Avatar

    Can I choose Japan? 🙂


  13. noelle Avatar

    aww, i hate they have colds!
    they still look adorable…
    lol, hopefully yall can get out and play soon!
    where would i like to be? on a cruise!


  14. Ellen-TCMom Avatar

    On a beach with my family that is where I would love to be……I can dream right?

    I hope your kids re better soon, cabin fever is the worst.


  15. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Oh, I’m sorry about the colds. Nothing worse than kids that are/aren’t sick. I’ve had that same cough myself for quite awhile. Luckily I’m asthmatic so I can use my inhaler to clear up for a bit. sigh…

    Back to blogging. Anywhere but where I am? Um, duh, I’d go JUST about anywhere but here! Bring on the cold & freezing snow, the rainy blah or even, sigh…, the warm & beautiful southern hemisphere. Just take me away from these freakin bugs! Okay, sorry to hijack there but I’m feeling the pressure & am ready to go.