Daybook: February 7th

wintry sunset


Outside my window: We’ve been having flurries on and off today but luckily not much is accumulating. It was awfully cold this morning when I took the kids to story time but we’ve definitely seen colder this winter so I’m trying not to complain.

This weekend: was pretty much the same as every other weekend except for the part where we watched the Packers win the Super Bowl last night! We definitely don’t get to do that every night, which is actually probably a good thing because good lord that’s a long game! But we made some homemade pizza and had some chips (animal crackers for the kids) and tried to teach MM the basics of what was going on until putting them to bed at a reasonable hour and finishing the game ourselves. I wish I could say we got to bed at a reasonable hour, but that would be a lie.

I know: I’ve been a bit scarce here and maybe you are wondering what we’ve been up to since I last complained about the weather. Well I’ll show you…

playing with our friends across the hall

When the weather outside was frightful, we stayed indoors and played with our friends across the hall. That is one thing I’ll miss when we move is the easiness of play dates with our favorite apartment friends.

reading library books

On Friday we finally made it to story time at our library. This was actually BB’s first story time (MM and I were simply allowed to sit in) and I have to say that this library has a phenomenal toddler story time and we all had a great time. MM checked out two Mo Willems’ books to read at home and he’s been infatuated. Today he noticed the different “symbols” at the end of each sentence and I geeked out and explained the difference between periods, exclamation points and question marks and then I geeked out some more when he actually understood me and seemed excited about the whole thing.

I’m reading: Saltwater Taffy by Eric Delabarre right now. I am really on the fence about this book and I cannot figure out if my complaints stem from me being too old for the book or the book being poorly written perhaps? It’s a fairly interesting story – group of friends embark on real life treasure hunt – but … I don’t know. I need to steal a 9-12 year old boy and have him read it, I think.

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One last picture to share before I go: Look at this adorable Valentine that MM spontaneously decided to make for me. I especially love his haphazard writing style.

making valentines

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