{heart day in review} how was yours?

heart doodles by MM

So {heart day} has come and gone and I have to say, all things considered mine was pretty sweet. After a mostly nice weekend, spoiled only slightly by a sprained wrist, Monday morning we had sausage gravy with buttermilk biscuits for breakfast (my favorite) and Dan left for work. MM thought this was hugely unfair because “But DADDY, it’s VALENSTINES DAY!” But as Dan informed him, “The Man doesn’t care about silly romantic holidays. The Man cares about Money.” So true, so true…

Since my wrist was still healing, we spent the day at home, coloring, watching a little tv and just hanging out.

a treasure map by MM

MM drew a treasure map…

who is this Big Girl??

BB watched Ellen with me. She is getting into this show and loves to clap along with the audience and dance with Ellen. Meanwhile, can we talk about the incredibly big girl in these pictures? Don’t I have a baby or at least a toddler? Because I’m pretty sure THAT child could be twelve any minute now…

lost to the boob tube

ain't I cute mommy?

WHAT is Ellen DOING?

let's have a little fun today...

let's give a little love away...

Sorry…. got distracted there for a minute… Ahem. So anyway, we spent most of the day kind of just being lazy (but adorable). I put BB in one of my favorite dresses of hers, since it’s a holiday and all. Then I made dinner. I made the kids their favorite meal – mac and cheese and hot dogs. With cute heart shaped napkins made cleverly by mommy with scissors and Hello Kitty napkins.

a valentines dinner for my little valentines

Then while the kids were eating, I set to work making a romantic Valentines Day dinner for two. I made gnocchi with a red sauce, which is a dish that we had on our honeymoon many moons ago and always brings me back to those first few days as a married couple. I served it with some dinner rolls warmed freshly in the microwave for thirty seconds and then tucked inside a toweled bowl to stay warm until Dan got home. We lit a delicious smelling Glade Scented Oil Candle, turned the lights down and handed MM a lollipop and BB a dinner roll and it was a perfectly romantic meal.

our romantic valentines dinner for two

After the kids were in bed we shared a small box of chocolates for two that his office gave him for Valentines Day. Two perfect pieces of absolute chocolate perfection from Candinas Chocolatier, who I am now slightly infatuated with and already trying to figure out a reasonable excuse to buy more…

All in all, a pretty sweet Valentines Day to be sure.

One thought on “{heart day in review} how was yours?

  1. I LOVE Ellen!
    Isn’t she wonderful!
    LoL, Broxton loves to dance with her too!
    BB and MM are growing so fast, where is the time going?
    hope your wrist heals quickly!


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