Just yesterday, life was always like this, right?

my cool dude

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I was the mother of one adorable boy. One tiny child who was the sun and moon of my universe all by himself. He got my full, undivided attention; we went everywhere together, just the two of us. Bliss?

my oldest child

I wonder if he can remember when it was just us? When he was an only child? I wonder if he ever resents having my attention split in two, sharing my time with his admittedly adorable sister.

it's not easy being a big brother

I’m sure it’s not easy sharing everything: time, space, food, attention, toys…

But at the same time, eighteen months later (almost nineteen) I kind of can’t imagine life without the two of them. They are a package deal for me. One can’t go without the other now. Hasn’t it always been like this?

and the little lady

Hasn’t she always been here? Always held a piece of my heart, even before I knew her? Haven’t I always been a mother of two?

2 thoughts on “Just yesterday, life was always like this, right?

  1. *gasp* WHEN did MM start looking so old too? Holy cow but, he looks ready for kindergarten. (I’m not trying to be funny either. He really looks like that in those pix.)


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