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So, lately I’ve been thinking about that dirty of dirtiest words… you know that one that starts with a D and ends with an IET. I hate that word. But as my waistline is not getting any smaller these days – and in fact seems intent on getting maybe just a little bit bigger – it’s becoming clearer to me by the day that pretty soon I’m gonna need to start doing something about it.

What makes this harder, is that I *know* what to do. I’ve successfully and healthfully lost weight in the past, not even all that long ago, while pregnant with Little BB no less! Remember those rocking days when I counted calories all through my second pregnancy and maintained my weight for 9 months while disbelieving nurses made disbelieving faces at me? And then I lost 30 pounds after she was born and another 10 pounds while breastfeeding? And it was glorious?

Well, then I stopped breastfeeding and slowwwwwwly gained back twenty pounds. Really. I know, it makes me sad, too. Apparently I’m having a really hard time accepting the fact that I can’t eat 2,000 calories a day anymore. And the number that the experts are recommending, 1500 calories. It makes me sad. And pouty. And I don’t like it. And I don’t really feel like exercising regularly either. Apparently knowing what to do and wanting to do it are two different things. Huh.

So my Aloha Friday question this week is:

What do you do to motivate yourself to eat healthy and exercise even when you don’t want to and it’s cold outside and chocolate tastes good?

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9 responses to “Aloha: Waistline”

  1. Smellyann Avatar

    I don’t. I eat what I want.


  2. Tammy Avatar

    I have been counting calories with the help of SparkPeople since January. I have to admit, I have gone a little off track the last few days…but I will be back on tomorrow. It is so hard…they have given me a range of 1230-1560 so I have a little giveway…and 1500 can be done easier than you think. I don’t have the money to do WW so this is free and works.


  3. Amy Avatar

    I hate exercising, but if you just start doing it, after about 5 or 10 minutes you’ll start to feel really good (or numb) and it won’t suck as bad. Plus, it only takes 30 days to make a habit, so after a while it will just become second nature. As for the eating better thing, I still haven’t figured that out. Good luck!


  4. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Well, I’m right there w/ ya, Jen. Except for the whole baby thing since mine is almost 9. I’m eagerly counting down until we can open our pool for the summer (helps hubby to quit complaining about how much the darn things costs). I find that if I spend 4 hrs in the water daily I really don’t want much to eat & 1500 cal seems wonderful.

    I have to go cold turkey on the chocolate or else I end up going nuts. It’s not what the experts advise but it works for me.


  5. Charlotte | Life's a Charm! Avatar

    Eating right to me is variety, balance and moderation, and no restriction in food intake. And of course, never eating on a platter, and never eating pass full, and sticking to my drinking coke rule, which is “It’s too early to drink coke before lunch” and “Too late after dinner”.


  6. anna Avatar

    i remind myself all of those moments i want to be around for — graduations, weddings, grandbabies, and most times its enough to get organized and get moving.


  7. Menopausal New Mom Avatar

    For me, it’s knowing we are leaving for Hawaii at the end of April and I don’t want to carry any extra weight on me when we get there. All bets are off though when it comes to carrying extra weight back 🙂


  8. Ollie McKay's Avatar

    Well, when you get to be my age (mid 50’s – Yikes!!) you could say you don’t acre anymore and throw it all to the wind, but I wouldn’t really like myself then! I DO let myself indulge in more guilty pleasures, but I still power walk and go to classes at our sports club – because I LIKE working out and love how it makes my mind feel so settled!! So, for me. . . exercising is really a ‘No Brainer”! :)) Happy Friday to al!!


  9. Go Mommy Avatar

    Oy, I was so sad when I stopped nursing because of the not being able to eat everything and NOT worry. I haven’t been able to bear the cold to run outside and I get home way to late from work. I use hand weights and resistance bands while my kids are in the tub, I have enough room in the bathroom so I am right next to them. I found that it has helped with tightening up my arms and legs.