Daybook: May 23rd

chasing bubbles


Outside my window… apart from some rain storms, the weather has been warming up and quite beautiful. Green grass that begs to be run around in, a cool breeze that begs you to maybe eat outdoors…

a sun hot enough to make you seek shade, too

mostly outdoors anyway…

This weekend started out pretty standard with the running of errands, the shopping of groceries, the patching of holes in our kitchen ceiling finally. We were preheating the oven to make pizza for a little impromptu get together with one of Dan’s work friends and his fiancée when our oven made zappy sounds and it turns out we need to replace the power cord and transmitter box thingy like yesterday. I’m just glad we found out via zappy noises and not catastrophic fires or something. And that apparently my husband actually knows how to fix this kind of thing. He’s a keeper.

Emergency Grill Night. on 365 Project

So this weekend we also learned how to grill pizza! We’ve never tried it before, not really seeing much of a reason, but I can tell you we’ll be doing it again as it was delicious and fun! We also had this ingenious idea of eating “outdoors” but in the garage for shade and such. Might be a little redneck, but I loved it. I think it was what you call a “Make It Work” Moment.

Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine PascalI am readingSweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal right now and really close to finishing it. I’m still not sure how I feel about this one. It really made me realize how few SVH books I actually read growing up because I don’t really remember any of the characters except for the twins, but I still found myself sucked in wanting to know what would happen by the end of the book. Not the best written book ever – Jessica’s valley girl accent kind of makes me want to slap her and the whole thing feels very young adultish except it’s way too vulgar to be a teen read. Addictive nonetheless and for a true SVH fan, probably a must read.

I am thinking… of taking a little internet hiatus soon. They are very cleansing don’t you know. With summer around the corner, I’m thinking a vacation from netty distractions might be in order. The question is, will this include my smartphone or not? Hmmm…

I am thankful for… my handy husband who has kept me sane through all these house catastrophes and is handy enough to keep them all manageable.

One of my favorite things… is hearing the kids sing along to the songs we listen to on the radio. BB really likes Avril Lavigne’s new song.


She’s a big fan of anything with repetitive sounds though. Mostly the yea-ah yea-ah bit.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Making meals without a stove or oven for a couple of days, try to climb out of the fog of not getting enough sleep this weekend and try and take the kids outdoors and to places other than the living room. Then Thursday Dan’s parents and younger siblings are coming to visit for the weekend – definitely looking forward to that!

One last picture I gotta show you: did I mention our awesome new neighbor just gave me two pairs of old sandals that her daughter outgrew a gagillion years ago that are just the right size for BB to wear this summer / fall? Perfect timing. Love this cute pic of BB reveling in her new shoes.

All a girl needs in life is good friends and good shoes! on 365 Project

3 thoughts on “Daybook: May 23rd

  1. cant wait to hear more about the grilled pizza
    i just finished The Sweet Valley book tooo..
    Did you notice the number of times Jessica said “LIKE”?


  2. Loving the hand me down shoes..they never really wear them out at her age.

    And, grilling pizza…intriguing! But, I always feel like we are so wasteful when we grill (like I should grill three meals worth of meat when I’ve got the coals heated up an everything.)


  3. Girls can never have enough shoes! Too cute…I’m sure she’ll be changing throughout the day. Pizza on the grill sounds yummy and glad that you figured out the oven issues before any sort of disaster.


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