Daybook: June 6th

let's go fly a kite


Outside my window… it is bright and sunny with a hint of a breeze. We’ve got a high of 88 predicted for the day which is pretty same ol’ same ol’ as of the past week or so. Summertime weather is officially here and that meant a weekend spent outdoors with kites and sprinklers and of course grilling!

you can't tell in this picture but there wasn't even a hint of a breeze

Kite flying would have been more fun if there had been even a hint of a breeze that day but we tried anyway and the boys had fun building their first kite together.

first time running through a sprinkler

Yesterday the weather was so roastingly hot that we pulled out the sprinkler. This was MM’s first sprinkler experience and I have to say he took to it immediately and loved it. I ran through with him a couple of times just to show him the ropes and then he was at it for a good hour while Dan grilled dinner.

flying through the water


not pleased

but so pretty

not a fan of the sprinkler

Miss BB was not so much of a fan however and was quite sullen after a few attempts at getting her to run through be carried through the water by yours truly. She barely got wet but she was not pleased. So I pulled out the little toddler slide and we played in the shade while MM sprinkled and daddy BBQed.

ready, set...

wipe out!

This looks rather dramatic but she was loving it. She’s a tough little kid, she’s just not a fan of the water yet apparently.

This weekend was also spent trouble shooting yet another kitchen appliance. I swear, the appliances all seem to be on their way out here, but luckily handy husband came through again with another inexpensive fix to… the refrigerator ladies and gentlemen! I have to say of all the appliances, this one breaking would be the worst because instead of just inconveniencing us it could ruin ALL of our perishable foods. But I think we’re going to be okay, so, you know… cross your fingers and whatnot.

I am reading The Help by Katheryn Stockett and about halfway through it. I am enjoying it a lot although it is definitely one of those “make you think” books that occasionally makes me think more than I care to, if that makes any sense. Mostly I’m just hoping I can finish it with enough time to read our next book club pick before our meeting on the 23rd. Has anybody read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao? Is it a quick read?

the piggyback rider

I am reviewing… a fun child carrier called the Piggyback Rider! It’s a great solution for any moms or dads who find themselves giving countless piggyback rides and have backs suffering for it. You can see my review here along with a few other suggestions for Fathers Day presents.

A few links you should click:

A couple more pictures I gotta show you: don’t want to leave without showing you a few more beautiful pictures of my children…

pretty girlso so pretty

sweet boyso so sweet

3 thoughts on “Daybook: June 6th

  1. Im so happy to you enjoying house firsts like sprinkles, kites and grilling in your own yard….it’s the little things that thrill me.
    You’ll have to let me know how the Help ended…if it’s tolerable in a sense that I wont feel guilty.. in other words it’s a happy ending. I really want to pick it back up..though I may just wait for the movie.
    I would so love to have a GNO with you! Someday when Im a well established designer/photogrpaher I will have to visit WI. ;P


  2. I’m not a big fan of the sprinkler either 🙂 Looks like she made the most of it though. Enjoy the weather!


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