Daybook: July 19th

Remember when my Daybook posts were always on Monday mornings? Those were the days… With MM in camp this week my schedule has been all sorts of flipped and flopped and I’m basically not home in the morning at all somehow. Anyway I’m gonna write my “daybook” post tonight because hubby is working late again and watching tv without him is boring. And ’cause I’m late with my daybook. And also I’m too lazy to copy and paste the last Daybook so I’m going to wing it and try to write it from memory. Exciting stuff!

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Outside my window: it actually is still broad daylight outside and I’m guessing at least 90 degrees. We’re in the middle of a little heat wave right now and between that and the loooong summer days it sort of looks like it might be noon outside. And it feels like it might be a sauna. The picture above is from a night time stroll I took last night around 9pm. I only lasted about twenty minutes before the 90 degree humidity was officially too much for me, but hey it’s better than nothing right?

This weekend: was the company picnic! Wanna see lots of fun pictures? Going to daddy’s office is always a fun time but it’s an extra special fun time once a year when they hold their summer picnic (click link for pictures from last year’s picnic).

Don’t let this picture fool you. There is nothing ordinary about my husband’s place of employment.

MM’s favorite thing is always the bounce house but there is also a fun petting zoo, an arts & crafts tent, a baby pool filled with bubbles and bubble wands, rock climbing and more.

The kids had a delicious lunch of hot dogs, chips, salad and watermelon the size of BB’s head.


Dan and I had steak and lobster, corn bread and much the same sides as the kids – oh and corn on the cob dipped in butter. And cake. There was cake.

The construction vehicle petting zoo is always a big hit – look how huge those tires are! (or how short my children are?) This year they even had a fire truck!

(look, I was there, too!)

BB was all over the place and loving her independence AKA we opted not to bring the stroller for better or worse. After we’d had our fill of the summer heat wave, we went inside for a quick trip down the Company Slide and then headed home.

A perfect summer afternoon!

You didn’t think I was kidding, did you?

…Oh right, this is a Daybook post, and not just about the picnic. Let’s finish up then or something shall we?

Right now I’m reading: The Lonely Polygmaist by Brady Udall for my book club. We’re discussing it next Wednesday and I have 500 pages out of 600 to go so wish me luck and speed reading (hmmm maybe I should be working on that now instead of blogging…) I am still a bit on the fence about this one. It’s interesting and in some ways an easy read but it also has some subject matter (death of a child, several stillbirth descriptions in one chapter) that made last night in particular not the best sleeping night. I even nearly woke up BB sneaking into her room to make sure she was still breathing. I may need to plug her baby monitor back in if this keeps up.

Awesome Stuff I Read Online:

One last picture to share before I go? How ’bout this quick snapshot of my favorite little couch potato during a Phineas and Ferb marathon this weekend (that’s one way to beat the heat!)?

couch potato on 365 Project

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  1. Steak and lobster and a cool slide? What an awesome company!

    Thanks for the link to the fun invites…so cute! Stay cool!


  2. Who wouldn’t love to arrive to work coming down the slide?! It would make my day. Though my work did try to make up for a lack of a slide with the sno cone truck. 😉 You take what you can get.


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