His First Day of School: Kindergarten Rocks!

Yesterday was MM’s first day of kindergarten! He was so excited and so ready for this new chapter in his life. We picked out his outfit the night before and laid it out on his dresser so that morning he was dressed and eating breakfast before I even left my room!

We got to his bus stop a good twenty minutes early, but that gave us plenty of time for pictures and chatting up the other bus stop parents.

Dan was pretty excited about MM’s first day, too. He took the day off to see MM get on the bus and then see him first thing when he got home. Here’s a cute shot of them walking to the bus stop together. Don’t you love MM’s Phineas & Ferb backpack?

Waiting for the bus.

Such a new experience. Especially for mom! What do you mean there are no seat belts? Seriously, I’m letting my baby get on this moving vehicle with no seat belts and I’m not even going with him??

But I got great vibes from the bus driver and before I knew it, off he went. Dan kept me busy so that I wouldn’t have time to be sad. We went out for coffee and had lunch together and before we knew it, we were picking MM up at the bus stop and then home again with our school boy, who was so excited to tell us about his first day!

He had such a great time – they did lots of arts & crafts and read stories and watched a “movie” – they got to walk around and see the school, the gym, the music room, etc.

When I asked him how much he loved school, he told me:

This much!!!!!!

Can’t beat that! So proud of my little boy and so happy for him because I know he’s been ready for this for awhile and now he’s just loving it.

Here’s one of the projects they did on their first day – a little self portrait magnet to hang on the fridge so I can display his work on it throughout the year. Didn’t he do a great job making it look like him? I love the little striped shirt 🙂

6 responses to “His First Day of School: Kindergarten Rocks!”

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  2. noelle Avatar

    so glad he enjoyed the first day!


  3. Jean M. Avatar

    Aww love that first shot at the door. Sounds like he’s off to a great start. Good times!


  4. jen@odbt Avatar

    I was thinking about you and MM yesterday. So happy to see/read that his first day went so well for him and for you.


  5. Nancy Avatar

    Heh – I remember when Alex first got on the bus to ride to K and I realized there were no seat belts. Sure made me nervous! I love that magnet, what a great idea. Glad he likes school so far!


  6. Karen Avatar

    What?? MM CAN’T be starting kindergarten already?!?

    I’m looking forward to reading about his scholastic adventures!