Top 10 Pictures from August

Again, I find myself with way too many amazing pictures from August to choose just 5. I’m thinking there are two culprits here, okay three:

  1. Having an “extra” album to showcase runner up photos, means more amazing shots get selected.
  2. My photography is maybe getting better this year than last year.
  3. My children are gorgeous.

Anyway, given these factors, I’ve decided to officially start showcasing TEN favorite photos from each month instead of 5. Exciting, huh?

Here are my 10 Favorites Pictures from August:

extra: my sweet little girl on 365 Project

This was one of those “extra” shots I was telling you about that I still cannot stop swooning over. It lost out to a picture of crayons. Random, I know.

Biker Chick. on 365 Project

extra: getting on board on 365 Project

I loved both of these pictures of BB riding her first tricycle so much, that I posted both – thank god for that extra album!

Wingra Park on 365 Project

I took the kids to a local playground and was so smitten over these pretty clouds, that I just had to go over and take a picture. Can you believe I took this shot with my cell phone?

A beauty shot. on 365 Project

That daughter of mine really is just some kind of gorgeous. August was a big month of pretty pictures of BB.

extra: so much attitude on 365 Project

And spunky ones, too. 🙂

moody skies meet peaceful blue on 365 Project
I took this shot at the Target parking lot because I could not get over the crazy sky – the clouds were just gorgeous and then on the other side of the sky, it was perfectly clear and blue. So weird!

Rock Climber? on 365 Project

Another random snapshot of that girl of mine, playing in the zoo playground, but it sure looks like she’s rock climbing!

another morning walk at Picnic Point on 365 Project

I just adore Picnic Point and seem to get terrific pictures there, especially at this little beachy area. Here are some pictures from our visit there in July.

Fee Fi Fo Fum! on 365 Project

And how can I not swoon over this adorable picture of MM as the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk. Too stinkin’ cute!

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