Daybook: September 26th

Accidental bokeh picture of the rain outside my window


Outside my window: it is currently not raining but I’m sure if we wait five minutes it will start again. It’s been a rainy weekend with no signs of stopping for long anytime soon.

a big girl bed!

This weekend: we took down the crib in BB’s room! We’ve been talking about doing it for awhile, had a few things we needed to fix / baby proof first and also kept thinking, “Maybe we should just wait” but we both really wanted to take it down and felt she was ready so this weekend we took the plunge and did it and I have to say I’m thrilled. It hasn’t been a perfect transition but she does seem to love her big girl bed and I’m proud of how well she’s doing.

tucking in all her babies

We also: spent a lot of time indoors due to previously mentioned inclement weather. I got more of my review reading done and will be posting my review of Finding Aster very soon.

rain rain go away

Right now I’m reading: A Little Bit Wicked by Kristin Chenoweth. I’m only about twelve pages in but I can already tell I am really going to love this one. I’ve recently discovered a love for celebrity memoirs and I knew this one would be right up my alley. I’m glad I’m finally reading it!

Things you should click:

  • You know how sometimes you just cannot find the exact piece of furniture or clothing that you want and it’s so frustrating because you have this idea in your mind but cannot find it in the stores for a reasonable price? I am loving the idea to make your own dining room table – the table Stylizimo made came out just gorgeous. I sense future carpentry plans for the handy husband coming on…
  • Speaking of handmade things my husband needs to make me, I am pretty sure it’s crucial that I become the proud owner of a Bender hat, don’t you?
  • Tsh at Simple Mom just posted this fantastic list of everything she packs to wear when she travels. Genius.

One last picture to share before I go: have to share this little collage of cell phone snapshots I took of BB at the Little Gym today. Her friend invited us to come along for their Bring A Friend day and I am so glad we went – she had such a great time and clearly has a future in gymnastics!

our future gymnast

2 thoughts on “Daybook: September 26th

  1. Great accidental bokeh shot – very cool! I will have to see if my library has that memoir…I like her. We saw Wicked this summer (she wasn’t in this production) and I tried reading the book but couldn’t get into it.


  2. Yay for BB and her big girl bed! I must be really tired because her bed looks like I could just crawl right in and be comfy. It’s a nice good size kid bed.


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