Trimming the Tree.

On Black Friday when most of the US was recovering from crazy shopping expeditions (hope nobody got too trampled this year), we were trimming our Christmas Tree – a new tree in the new house! We picked up this inexpensive 6 1/2 ft tree from Walmart a few weeks ago for just $40 in an online special. Talk about a bargain!

The tree was ridiculously easy to set up compared to others I’ve assembled over the years. And I’m thrilled to have a full sized tree after several years of using a little 3 foot tree set up on our Coffee Table. We’ve come a long way.

Dan was a little disappointed at first, having grown up with live trees (maybe next year) but after I fluffed it up and we got it decorated, he agreed it looked pretty nice, especially for the price. Plus, I promised him we’d do the live tree thing soon – so he’s really just biding his time and making the most of things this year.

The kids were both very into the whole decorating process, eager to help and hang ornaments. Especially MM who SO gets the whole thing this year. He is going to love this Christmas season.

Included in the price of our tree was a package of shatterproof red ornaments. I won’t think about what they were made from or how eco-friendly they are – I’m just embracing the non-breakable miracle right now. I shouldn’t have to panic too much about this tree with the kids. It’s light weight and decorated with mostly non-breakable ornaments (the nicer stuff is on the top).

And the gorgeous red ornaments are so simply and chic in their design and glitter and sparkle from across the room so beautifully. I love just sitting in the living room and gazing at the tree all lit up and stunning.

Clearly I don’t get out much.

But that’s okay – the view from inside is pretty great.

A Bokeh Wonderland in fact. I won’t bombard you with ALL the bokeh pictures I’ve been taking this year, now that I’ve figured out HOW I’ve been having a field day. Just think, I’ve got all season to perfect my Bokeh skills….

All we need now is something to top the tree. Coming soon…

love.bug.I submitted my Christmas Tree pics to Love-Bug’s Photo Show Off – you should check out her photography, it is ah-mazing. Got some pretty Christmasy pics you want to share? You should submit yours, too, here! You have until December 5th to enter.


  1. I LOVE the bokeh!! I am more than happy to be bombarded!! lol 😉 Thank you for posting this on my blog! You are seriously the best 🙂 love all your photos. Would you mind grabbing my button and putting it somewhere on here to ad for me? I’d really appreciate it!

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  2. Silly question coming up here: What is bokeh? The tree looks pretty. I like the red glittery ornaments. They have some texture to them rather than just being shiny and smooth.


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