Our Advent Activity Box

Growing up, I always loved Advent Calendars. Opening up all the little pages to find a treat and count down to Christmas Day! It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Now as an adult, I want to continue the tradition of advent calendars with my kids, but being the quasi-crafty sometimes over achiever that I am, I decided I could do better than the two dollar boxes at the grocery store. Pinterest didn’t help.

I’ve been seeing beautiful Advent calendar ideas for months now and kept humming and hawing about which fun project to try. Like:

And many, many more. So many great ideas to choose from – some costing more money and time than others, but all of them fabulous and enviable, but in the end I decided to be my own drummer and make my own version entirely, mashing up various ideas from around the blogosphere and putting my own spin on it.

Here is our Advent Activity Box!

I literally just gift wrapped an old Amazon box with fun Christmas wrapping paper (and I didn’t do a great job either – fancy wrapping skills? Not required for this project. Just get it covered).

Then I took a leftover scrap of gift wrap and on the back wrote “Days Until Christmas” then taped it to the box. I folded it up so that it was fairly straight edged and somewhat nice looking. I’m not a complete slacker.

Inside the box I have 24 envelopes numbered 24 through 1, so one envelope for each day until Christmas. On December 1st we’ll open the Envelope that reads 24 and so on…

Inside each envelope is a fun activity to do that day to celebrate the holidays. Everything from make ornaments to drive through town and look at the lights, sing Christmas carols and celebrate mommy’s birthday on the 24th. I spent a lot of time going through the calendar to make the activities realistic and put each of said activities on my google calendar to give me a little notice for things that need more planning.

I decided to be dorky and festive and draw little illustrations on the cards, too. Some are better than others. I won’t embarrass myself by showing you my pictures of donuts or birthday cakes. But I’m pretty sure the kids will get a kick out of this craft that didn’t cost me a dime. MM is very into the concept now of “how many days until….” and he’s super into all things Christmas so this is just combining those two things into one month-long extravaganza of planned Holiday goodness.

I’ll let you know in a few weeks if I was way in over my head with this idea!

2 responses to “Our Advent Activity Box”

  1. seriouskrystyn Avatar

    Great idea..I can’t wait to hear how it works.


  2. vivienne Avatar

    What a lovely idea Jen. I wish I had done something like this when the kids were small.