We’ll make our own snow.

Even though it’s January and like 12 degrees outside, it still doesn’t really look like winter because each snow storm we’ve gotten has amounted to less than an inch and then it melts by the end of the week. Some yards still have GREEN grass, but most are brown and gross looking. Some trees are still shedding leaves, my yard still needs raking because it won’t stop raining and pretend snowing long enough to clean up all our late fallen leaves.

In short, it’s freezing and brown outside and I know I shouldn’t complain, but seriously? If it’s going to keep snowing, can’t we at least get a couple good inches to cover up our dead hot mess of a lawn? While I jinx my way to a blizzard, I’m trying to keep busy and pretend it’s a gorgeous winter wonderland outside by making our own snowflakes!

I’ve tried my hand at this in the past and failed miserably, largely on account of my not really knowing what I was doing and not bothering to be consistent or thorough. So this year, I looked up a template online and then even followed the directions. Monumental stuff, here, I know.

I followed this tutorial at Bon Temps Beignet which I found very useful and easy to follow. Plenty of pictures to check back to whenever I found myself scratching my head and saying, “Come again?”

After folding my paper to her specifications and then trimming off the excess (so that your flake will be circular and not a strange holey rectangle), you simply sketch out a design. I vaguely followed her designs but kind of made this part up as I went along just to see what different things I could do. MM and I each designed three flakes which I then cut out as the paper was too thick for his safety scissors.

And the result was six very successful, very pretty snowflakes. I had to modify MM’s designs a tad just so they wouldn’t fall apart. To quote Liz at Bon Temps:

 Try not to cut to far into the smallest angle (over there on the left in the picture below) because that will be the center of your flake. If you cut to far in, it will tend to fold in on itself. Keeping the center in tack will give you a strong flake. That’s an oxymoron… but it’s true.

But I held true to his creations as much as I could and it was fun to see all our different designs. I have them all taped up on our front window now so that people walking or driving by can enjoy our “Winter Wonderland” while we all wait for the real thing. Knock on wood?

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  1. We’ve made quite a few snowflakes here and they are taped up to the kitchen window and the front door. Every time the boys were bored in the days before Christmas, I told them to make snowflakes, and they were kept busy for quite a while. I think the novelty has worn off but it’s fun to look at them. Also we just do it the old fashioned way, not quite as intricate but they remind me of my own childhood. 🙂


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