A reluctant check-in.

I wish I had more good stuff to tell you guys on the diet & exercise front. I do have stuff to tell you about but it’s mostly of the “I did this once” and “I’m planning to do this” variety as opposed to the “Look how much weight I’m losing!” stuff that I’m hoping to tell you at some point soon, I swear.


So I’ve been trying to focus on little changes. On the diet front, that’s meant giving up coffee most days in favor of tea and a LOT of water. I drink coffee 2 or 3 times a week now instead of 7 and this has proven to be a good change I think.

I’ve also recently discovered a few “diet” treats that excite me, as in, they taste good. The first is Skinny Cow’s new candy – their clusters and crisp bars are rocking my world without doing too much damage. It’s a crutch, I know, but it’s a tasty crutch and they have about 100 calories per package. The other fun treat is Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars, specifically their English Toffee Crunch. Again, around 100 calories each and they are just divine and have no artificial sweeteners, which surprised me. They are tiny, for sure, but extremely delicious and so far I’ve been able to “eat just one”.

So my goal is to have no more than three 100 calories snacks in a day and… it’s almost working. But I’ve had some set backs to be sure with this plan. I’m currently just trying to make any of the other snacks be healthy ones like fruits and cheese and nuts, etc.

The other big diet change has been trying to get a good, filling breakfast every morning and at the moment that means: oatmeal. Period. I feel like any other breakfast I try ends up being too fatty or not filling enough. So right now I’m trying to find Jen’s Perfect Oatmeal combination. So far I’ve determined that old fashioned oats are definitely worth the extra time over quick oats and that a fruit mix in is a must, as is a tablespoon of brown sugar and some cinnamon.

I’m planning to whip up some baked oatmeal this weekend for an even quicker weekday fix. Either a variation of this apple baked oatmeal by Debbie Does Dinner or this recipe by Two Little Girls which is based off my favorite coffee shop’s infamous baked oatmeal.


This is where the laundry list of grand ideas comes in. For awhile I was doing a pretty good job of getting in three 30 minute walks at the mall with a friend, but lately life has gotten busy for both of us and when we don’t get together… I don’t exercise. Never mind those other four days. I’m a fairly sedentary person (possibly extremely sedentary if we’re going to be honest) and sometimes my big exercise for the week is the hour I spend grocery shopping. I’m not joking.

Obviously something needs to give. So I’m trying to give myself a lot of options – a few minutes on the exercise bike in my living room (I get disgruntled quickly with this because 6 minutes seriously wears me out), a quick 15 minute mile walk with a Leslie Sansone video (you can watch a few for free online) and next month I’m going to attempt Dustin Maher’s 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge for Mommy Bloggers.

Dustin’s challenge is not for the weak of heart – it involves weight lifting and cardio and it’s about an hour long workout each day. Craziness. I need to find my exercise ball and buy a set of dumb bells this weekend. But I kind of like the idea that it’s not easy, it’s not dipping my toe in – I’m gonna really go for it and see what I’m made of. Maybe I’ll surprise myself. Either way, it’s worth a shot, right? The challenge also has a nutrition side to it, so maybe I’ll be able to kill two bad habit birds with one stone.

For the most part, I find walking to be my favorite exercise that I can manage without issue. But one – I need to actually DO it daily and two, At some point I’m going to need to step it up and push myself outside of my comfort zone I think. So wish me luck!


So yeah…. lots of grand schemes and big ideas and small steps forward and quick wiggles back. It doesn’t help that I don’t seem to come naturally to this. I’d rather watch a movie and eat ice cream and that’s a fact which to some extent isn’t going to change anytime soon. So for now I’m trying to eat LESS ice cream, to eat more filling meals and to get some real exercise in BEFORE I watch the movie. I need to start earning my creature comforts for a change!

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  1. Baby steps and a great plan is the first step! I’ll be rooting for you all the way. I dusted off the EA Fit and Billy Banks Tai Bo dvd and have made the kids join me. I just started this week but yay for us. 🙂


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