I believe in me and other affirmations.


One of the sections in Dustin’s Fit Moms For Life book is about positive thinking and positive affirmations. It might sound hokey, but it’s widely believed that the power of positive thinking can be huge when setting goals like weight loss and self improvement. Oprah talks about her Vision Boards; Anusara yoga is known for their positive affirmations. We see the motivational posters all the time and I’ll agree that sometimes just reading something motivating can fill me with the energy to make a change. Saying it out loud can only help.

Well in my Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge I actually get bonus points for saying my positive affirmations outloud! So I figured I’d better find some and write them down to use during the challenge – every little bit helps!

So I spent some time googling for affirmations and writing down my favorites. Some of them felt forced or not quite right to me, but some stuck. Then I started to tailor my favorites to fit me – to work for me. I asked facebook friends for their suggestions, too. I then opened up gimp, found a desktop background that also felt inspiring and then typed in my affirmations, chose a pretty font and voila – affirmations. Something pretty and motivating to look at throughout my challenge and even afterwards.

What would your positive affirmations be?

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  4. Krystyn Avatar

    I like the idea of having other people help you out.