a world of pure imagination: Welcome to Dark-ica


MM has invented a secret world called Darkica. It exists on our refrigerator, below mommy & daddy’s bed but above MM’s bed.

When you go inside Darkica, there is a secret door that people lock once you are inside so you are TRAPPED and the only way out is to dig a tunnel through the alphabet magnets.

There is no singing allowed in Darkica so when you need to sing, you have to hum very quietly so you do not get caught.

There are lots of traps in Darkica that you have to look out for. It can be treacherous so you have to be very clever.

But don’t worry, mommy, don’t be scared. It’s just for imagination.

3 responses to “a world of pure imagination: Welcome to Dark-ica”

  1. noelle Avatar

    love imaginations kids have…
    and we LOVE those same magnets!


  2. Kierstyn Avatar

    Lol! Kids do/say the funniest things, don’t they?


  3. Jen@stuffjensays Avatar

    Love, love, LOVE that kid’s imagination!