One week check-in: Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge

So, I’ve been doing the Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge for one week now (only 2 more weeks to go!) and figured I should do an official check in to let you guys know how it’s been going.

After the first day of the challenge I was sore. REALLY sore. I didn’t even make it through the whole workout and it absolutely kicked my butt. I continued to be sore for 3 or 4 days, but kept up with exercising daily anyway as well as keeping track of what I was eating, using Dustin’s points system mapped out in the program. Things like losing a point for drinking coffee or soda and gaining points for eating protein and veggies or for sweating or getting extra sleep at night.

I’d have to say that my points racked up each day are probably only half what most of the other participants are getting. I can still only do half the workout, though I’m getting stronger with each one… slowly. And I only eat three meals a day, some people might eat more. And that sweet tooth? I’m still fighting with it, too, though my husband would tell you he’s seen a marked improvement in my food choices since starting this challenge (at least that’s what he told me). Also? My points are consistently higher each day than the day before and I’ve only skipped working out once on Sunday when life got away from me. Not bad considering that before this I only worked out once or twice a week!

Dustin’s diet tracking is definitely not as strict as other diets I’ve done, but I’m trying to behave even when things don’t “cost me points” and make good choices and I am considering the idea of continuing to track my points even after the challenge ends or else start counting calories again.

As for the exercises, so far I actually like the strength training the best and the core training absolutely the least. I am really bad at core training! The cardio is also pretty brutal because it’s all very fast and hard spurts, which Dustin says is proven to burn fat faster. Works for me but ouch! I’m still getting the hang of it, basically.

All in all, I’d definitely say that his plan is smart and probably working. My scale seems to think I’ve gained two pounds though so I’m going to start being stricter with my diet and hope that that helps. Or maybe it’s just a fluke as my husband insists. We’ll see. I’ll check in again next week and let you know how it’s going.

Mommy Blogger Weight Loss Challenge

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  1. Kierstyn Avatar

    Good luck!! It takes time. Im still struggling to lose the remainder of my baby weight and that “baby” is 16 months old! Once you start seeing results, you’ll be even more motivated 🙂