Currently. (march 5, 2012)

Obsessing over: finding the perfect leg covering combination to go with my new favorite denim skirt. Pantyhose get runs too easily, a lot of tights seem to be made for stick thin figures even when they claim to be in my size. Or they fit my waist but are 8 miles long or have strangely large feet. My current winning combination is leggings with cute socks, leg warmers or knee highs. Do you have a favorite brand of tights or leggings for curvy girls? Do tell!

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Feeling: pretty tired. I keep staying up too late reading and not drinking coffee every day does not agree with not sleeping long enough or getting up too early. Such is life.

Working on: like a million things. Mostly photo book or picture frame related. I just ordered our 2011 photo book and some prints for a new frame and I’m pretty excited to see the finished results. I’m also dabbling with the idea of an ABC photo book or something similar for Miss BB, something like this.

Thinking about: my birthday. Which I know it’s kind of crazy early to be thinking about my birthday, but one) March is boring so I’ve been dwelling on all things the future lately because this is going to be a such a fun year honestly and two) guys, I’m turning thirty. Seriously. I feel like something special is kind of called for this year and I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly I mean by that so that I can give my husband a fighting chance.

Reading: Pies & Prejudice by Heather Vogel Frederick, one of the recent Mother Daughter Book Club books. Yes, this is the reason I’ve been staying up late every night. Seriously. Shut up, these books are awesome. Exactly how pathetic is it that I’ve become terribly concerned about the love lives of these fictional fifteen year old girls? I don’t know, there’s just something about those first loves that’s terribly romantic even if it’s silly.

Anticipating: as I mentioned before, basically every month except this one. Actually that’s not entirely true. I am hosting craft night this week and I’ll be making some new necklaces (or trying to anyway) that I’m pretty excited about. I’m also hosting book club at the end of the month and I get to nominate three books to read in two months. Which book would you nominate?

Listening to: the hum of my personal space heater blowing blessedly warm air on me. This might be the last day I need it for awhile because we’ve got predicted highs in the upper 50’s coming our way!

Drinking: WATER. Oh yeah, I’m kind of rocking this whole “drink more water” thing, aren’t I?

Wishing: that dinner would make itself tonight. I’m not really feeling it.

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  1. ilefkowitz Avatar

    The ABC photo book is adorable. I made Hannah one sort of like that with a 6×6 scrapbook and stickers. I wrote a letter on each page and then put stickers and family pictures that started with that letter around it. She loved it, I’m sure BB will too!