Wanted: a dress for a summer wedding

I have a wedding coming up that I’d like to buy a new dress for. I’m thinking empire waist, knee length – comfortable for summer months but not too skimpy.


I like this one from Lane Bryant though I don’t love the price at $89.95 and if I lose enough weight between now and this summer, I won’t need to resort to a plus size shop which would be great. But I love the cut of the dress – the bottom is very pretty and I think it would be flattering on my pear shaped frame.

Source: sears.com via Jennifer on Pinterest


This one from Sears is only $41.99 but I am unsure about the shape – is it too fitted / too grown up (I know I’m a grown up, but you know what I mean). I might want something more playful, but maybe the structure of this dress is exactly what I need?

Source: sears.com via Jennifer on Pinterest


Another one from Sears for the same price, more flowy, maybe too short. And do we like the color? Hmmm…

Source: kohls.com via Jennifer on Pinterest


This one is from Kohls and the length and shape seem good. It’s $57 right now which is… okay. I think this would look very nice but it’s not terribly exciting either.

Source: macys.com via Jennifer on Pinterest


I also really like this Little Black Dress from Macys for $89 (yikes!) but it’s way shorter than I’m comfortable with and also? It’s black. I’m not sure I feel comfortable wearing black to a wedding, especially if it’s a summer wedding.

I know I’d obviously need to try these or similar dresses on to know for sure, but I like humming and hawing online first. Do you have a favorite store to go to for dresses?


I’ll also need some new shoes. I don’t have any dress shoes that I would actually leave the house in. I want to get a pair by Naturalizer I think, because I’ve been pretty happy with their loafers. I’m considering these three or something similar:

3 responses to “Wanted: a dress for a summer wedding”

  1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Amanda: I do like this one from Shabby Apple that’s on sale :



  2. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ Amanda : I like Shabby Apple but I’m hoping to find something less expensive and would also like to be able to try it on first.


  3. Amanda Avatar

    I love the first one! Have you checked shabby apple or rent the runway??