Currently. (march 19, 2012)

Obsessing over: the ridiculously gorgeous weather we’ve been having! Temps were in the 70’s and 80’s this weekend and it was glorious. There were several meals eaten outside, walks to the park (well I walked, Dan and the kids rode in the bike and trailer) and even some fun in a pool with friends this weekend!

Seriously? Is this even March in Wisconsin? What are my children doing in swim suits on Saint Patrick’s Day weekend? No complaints here! Even weirder is that Southern California got SNOW this weekend! Mother Nature is clearly feeling mischievous!

Feeling: pretty relaxed. Things are going well, the weather has been beautiful, the kids seem to be over their colds (hurray!) and we had a nice weekend.

Working on: clearing through some clutter and trying to keep up with chores around the house.

Thinking about: all the little things I need to do in the coming weeks. MM’s birthday party is in less than a month, one of his best friend’s is having a birthday party this weekend, Easter is around the corner and we’ve got family coming to visit next month – it’s going to be a full month but right now there’s not much to be done so it’s a lot of planning but waiting.

Reading: Bossypants by Tina Fey and loving it! It’s even better and funnier than I thought it would be and I was expecting it to be pretty gosh darned good! I’ve found it to be even better than just a “celebrity memoir” it’s like a story of life that anyone, especially any girl, can relate to. I kinda can’t stop squealing enough, it’s that good so far.

Anticipating: beautiful spring flowers, green grass, leaves returning to the trees and beautiful warm weather! I’m ready for it!

monkey see, monkey do

Listening to: the kids watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates in the next room.

Drinking: Water, but I had a cup of warmed chocolate almond milk earlier (it’s the “new” hot chocolate in my life and much lower calorie)

Wishing: that I’d planned something more interesting for dinner tonight. I’m feeling uninspired. Probably spoiled from a fun weekend!

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One thought on “Currently. (march 19, 2012)

  1. Im in udder shock that you’re in Wisconsin and have already broken out the kiddie pool! Uhm hello Im kinda in the south and there’s no way it’s been close enough warm (yet) to break into swimsuits. Crazy cheese heads. 🙂
    Im very tempted to download Bossy Pants on the know with all the other tons of reading I have to do. I’ll trade you my chapters on Statistics and Death of a Salesman for Bossy Pants. 🙂 For some reason I thought you had already read it. Must have been Ellen’s books.


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