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What's on your nightstand @ 5 minutes for books Well March is nearly over, the odd burst of glorious summer weather has subsided and I’ve turned my heat back on for a little while longer. And it’s time for another installment of What’s On Your Nightstand, a monthly blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies at 5 minutes for books. Time to answer the burning questions:

“What are you reading? What have you read recently? What are you planning to read next? What books are currently on your nightstand either literally or metaphorically.”

Here are the books I’ve read since last month’s post:

  1. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie – Finished February 28, 2012 – This was my first Agatha Christie story and I really enjoyed it (is enjoyed the right word for a murder mystery?) – Christie is a terrific story teller, I found the book extremely well written, the mystery masterfully unfolded, the inner torment of each of the characters was very well described and the story in itself was fascinating to me. It also wasn’t one of those books where “now I can’t sleep at night” because of being too intense. I read in bed at night before going to sleep and never had a problem, no nightmares. It did a good job of just toeing that line of being suspenseful but not terrifying, for which I was grateful. An intriguing short read, definitely worth checking out.
  2. Pies & Prejudice (Mother Daughter Book Club) by Heather Vogel Frederick – finished March 5, 2012 – I enjoy this series more and more with each book. This story follows the girls through their first year of high school as they read Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I loved all the little tid bits about Jane Austen that you learn through the book and how the story sort of parallels Pride & Prejudice in some ways, but not too much. I really enjoyed getting to read more about each of the characters and their little romances and story lines. A great book, and one I’d highly recommend to tween or teen readers.
  3. My New American Life by Francine Prose (March Book Club Pick) – Finished March 16, 2012 – I found this story mildly interesting, somewhat entertaining and easy enough to get through. I read it for my book club and while it wasn’t a “favorite” book, it wasn’t bad either. There were just enough story lines that kept me interested to make it worth reading.

Bossypants by Tina FeyThose were actually all the books I’d mentioned in last month’s nightstand post. Right now I’m reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and I will likely finish it tonight or tomorrow. I’d been looking forward to reading this book since I first heard about it and I’m happy to report it’s been absolutely as good as I’d anticipated, maybe a bit more. I love her writing style and wit and I’ve gotten way more out of the book than I’d thought. Yes, there are a lot of stories about her time at SNL and 30Rock, the whole Sarah Palin thing and her education and jobs before SNL. There is also a lot of fun stories about her childhood and teenage years, her life as a mother – and anecdotes that any girl can relate to – basically, it’s a LOT of fun to read.

So here’s what’s slated to be read in April:

Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann is our next book club pick, which I’ll need to read by April 25th. Here’s a description from “In the dawning light of a late-summer morning, the people of lower Manhattan stand hushed, staring up in disbelief at the Twin Towers. It is August 1974, and a mysterious tightrope walker is running, dancing, leaping between the towers, suspended a quarter mile above the ground. In the streets below, a slew of ordinary lives become extraordinary in bestselling novelist Colum McCann’s stunningly intricate portrait of a city and its people.”

Seriously, I’m Kidding by Ellen Degeneres is one of the books for my Spring Reading Thing and it sounds like a nice spring read. “Sometimes the greatest things are the most embarrassing.” Ellen Degeneres’ winning, upbeat candor has made her show one of the most popular, resilient and honored daytime shows on the air. (To date, it has won no fewer than 31 Emmys.) Seriously… I’m Kidding, Degeneres’ first book in eight years, brings us up to date about the life of a kindhearted woman who bowed out of American Idol because she didn’t want to be mean. Lively; hilarious; often sweetly poignant.”

If I have time, I might read Fat is the New 30 by Jill Conner Browne of Sweet Potato Queens fame. I just bought a copy for my Kindle for $3.99 and I always love her books. I’m in the mood for light hearted reading and this looks good. “Having experienced pretty much ALL of the crappy parts of life, Browne feels it is her duty to render whatever assistance she can to her fellow sufferers — and she does so in her own inimitable fashion. Her father taught her there are very few situations in life that we really and truly cannot change, and it is up to us to figure out how to either make fun OUT of them — or make fun OF them. And fortunately for the rest of us, Browne is well equipped for both.

How about you? What’s on your nightstand right now?

7 thoughts on “Nightstand: March 2012

  1. “Pies” sounds like a good fun break from serious reading–I’ll look for it! I usually get in one Agatha Christie about every year–I think I read that one in high school though–still it makes me want to pick a “new” one to tackle!

    Great list!


  2. I’ve read just one of the Mother-Daughter bookclub books, but I enjoyed it quite a bit and keep thinking I need to read some more. I should get on that 🙂


  3. Oooh, Agatha Christie, huh? I’ve been interested in her for a while now (because of Doctor Who, LOL), but I hadn’t actually gotten around to downloading any of her books. Guess that’s where I’m headed next!


  4. I love when I have NO nightmares after book. World War 2 books tend to give me bad dreams…

    I still need to get Pies & Prejudice for me and my daughter. We’re both avid Pride & Prejudice fans so I think we’d love it. Thanks for putting it back on my radar!


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