Three very important things.

Funny (and so true – I can almost remember being able to buy things without asking 3,000 strangers for their opinion first…)
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Yummy (can I have some now?)

extra: beautiful girl on 365 Project

Stunning. Just, stunning. Yesterday was a good day. An “I’m so in love with my little girl” day. A “Lets take your new scooter for a ride around the block MM” kinda day. A “let’s take the long way to the bus stop just because we can” kind of day. An “I want to eat ice cream” and then I did kind of day (Ben and Jerry’s new frozen greek yogurts are absolutely to die for).

Okay, so none of those things were important, but I’m betting you don’t mind, do you?

2 thoughts on “Three very important things.

  1. Sounds like a perfectly good day! Im intrigued by Ben and Jerry doing frozen yogurt though their ice cream is hard to come by down in this neck of the woods


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