So tell me: Who is your fashion icon?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my style for the past several months. My “look” has changed a lot over the years as I’ve grown up and discovered “who I am” and perhaps more importantly “who I ultimately want to be” – who is the Best Jen? My answer has changed a few times and sometimes it even depends on the day, on my mood or on the occasion. But more and more I am narrowing down my style. That collage up there is pretty standard Mommablogsalot Style. It’s practically my uniform. I have fallen in love with the classic black and white striped tee and similar classic, almost nautical looks. I adore capris and flat but chic sandals and wear them as much as possible. When it’s too cold for bare ankles, the look switches to something more like this:


Although I haven’t found my perfect pair of boots yet (largely due to my wide calves and fashion budget), I love seeing a great boot. I also love a good dark denim boot cut jean and a cozy chic scarf. Sweaters are a big plus for me, too. I love cozy layers. But I think the big thing I’m always striving for is to look effortless and chic. I want to look perfectly put together, even in jeans and a tee shirt. And most of my favorite celebrity icons can do just that.


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman who blends casual comfortable with classic chic really well.

 anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway who can make the rattiest jeans and simplest t-shirt and look stunning. I clearly need to learn to rock a great pair of heels!

jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston typically dresses very simply. Jeans, well fitted t-shirts and maybe a jacket and belt. And attitude. These ladies all have the attitude down.

kate holmes

Katie Holmes has been a fashion icon for me for awhile now  – especially her hair!


In the 1990’s I always asked for Jen Aniston’s hair at the salon. Now it’s always Katie.

tina fey

You know who else I love? Tina Fey. Another example of classic fashion, simple, chic.


It all boils down to her really. So what do we call this look? Classic? Nautical-ish? Simple and casual meets fitted and chic? Neutral color palettes R’ Us?

Though I do love to rock the occasional color (especially reds and blues lately), overall I like to keep it simple. You won’t find me color blocking and doing a lot of print mixing even though I think it looks fun on other people, it’s not really for me. I much prefer myself in this classic chic area. Dressed up or down, this is always the essence of what I’m shooting for.

What’s your style? Who would you say is your fashion icon?