What I’m Into: December 2017

It’s been a busy month here – we’ve been enjoying Christmas Tree farms, piano recitals, cookie baking, parties with friends and all the usual fun stuff that goes into a month. Aside from the family fun, here are some of the things that have been keeping me occupied in those in between moments. On MyContinue reading “What I’m Into: December 2017”

What John Mayer Album Do You Need Right Now?

John Mayer just released a new album so you know it is living in my car and my kids are gradually learning every word to every song. Basically nothing has changed because over the years John Mayer has always been the background music to my life. In between fads and new favorite artists, he was alwaysContinue reading “What John Mayer Album Do You Need Right Now?”

What Comedy Special Should I Watch Next? 5 of My Favorites

There are so many excellent comedy specials that you can watch on streaming services like Amazon or Netflix. I’ve discovered several favorites this way but I’ve barely scratched the surface and it’s almost overwhelming trying to decide what to watch next. Because let’s be real, not all comedians are created equal. I’m a little picky –Continue reading “What Comedy Special Should I Watch Next? 5 of My Favorites”

5 Favorite Musicians… Then and Now.

This week for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop I’ve decided to answer the following prompt: Write a list of your 5 favorite singers growing up…do they still make your top 5 list? I grew up in the Oregon Trail generation – I probably first started noticing music in the late eighties and started forming real opinions onContinue reading “5 Favorite Musicians… Then and Now.”

5 Romantic Comedies To Netflix & Chill

First of all, I want to state one more time for the record that I reject the pervy connotations of the phrase Netflix & Chill. I’m a grown ass woman so if I tell you I want to stay home and watch Netflix, I promise you I’m being 100% literal about my intentions. Real womenContinue reading “5 Romantic Comedies To Netflix & Chill”

My Top 6 Picks for the Next Doctor Who

News is spreading throughout the Geek Kingdom of Whoville that Peter Capaldi has announced that he’ll only do one more season of Doctor Who. This shouldn’t surprise us as three seems to be the magic number for most actors who pick up the helm of the TARDIS. The Internet is, of course, doing what theContinue reading “My Top 6 Picks for the Next Doctor Who”

Geek Guide: 5 New TV Shows To Binge Watch.

Now that we’re in the thick of the fall television season, I’ve had some time to give several new shows a fair shake. Some of them stand up better than others. Some of them have my geeking out to anyone who will listen. Here are the 5 best new shows we’ve started watching this fallContinue reading “Geek Guide: 5 New TV Shows To Binge Watch.”