A walk at Picnic Point.

Wednesday morning I took the kids to Picnic Point, one of my favorite places to walk in the area. It’s a beautiful little peninsula along Lake Mendota’s south shore – about one mile long. It’s trails are very popular for bikers, runners, hikers and photographers – and mommies, too! It’s a great place to get some exercise, get a picture of the capitol building from across the lake and get some fresh air with your kids.

We packed some sandwiches and took a walk, then had lunch at the “point” – there’s a picture of Michael standing on a little bench at the very point of the peninsula – hurray, we made it!

Then we stopped at the small beach area to play for a bit and take more pictures of course. This is one of my favorite “beaches” in Madison because almost nobody else is ever there. It feels like a hidden gem and it’s very relaxing to look across the water and take some pictures while the kids make “sandcastles” in the tiny stretch of sandy beach area. I say “beaches” in quotations but really all beaches in Madison should be in quotations, no?

Isn’t this bloom pretty? There were a million of them hanging off one of the trees at the “beach” so of course I had to take my typical close up with pretty blurred background picture of it.

And the view from the “beach”. Don’t you feel more relaxed already just looking at this?