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Today my little boy turns six years old. It really does seem like just yesterday we were two nervous nelly parents-to-be about to welcome a child into the world and with no idea how to actually be parents. It still seems awesome to me that someone’s life has been placed in my care – nevermind two lives. How has it been six years already?

MM has had quite the year as a 5 year old – moving into his first house, starting kindergarten, learning to read, losing his first tooth! It’s been a milestone kind of year all around and I’m sure he has even more amazing things in store for him in his 6th year. I am constantly amazed by how clever, funny and kind my boy is. I am a lucky mother to have such an amazing little kid. He blows me away with the words he can read already and the topics he comprehends – with the numbers he can count to and the complex questions he asks on a daily basis, wanting to know everything about the world around him and how things work.


We surprised him this morning with a new bicycle for his birthday – a “big kid” bike with training wheels so he can really learn how to ride. With this and his scooter, he will be a boy on wheels this year, taking the neighborhood by storm!

Happy birthday to my favorite little knucklehead. I love you so much!



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  1. Nancy Avatar

    Catching up on blog posts so I’m a bit late, but Happy Birthday!


  2. amy Avatar

    Happy birthday!


  3. odbt Avatar

    Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Love your post…he is going to take the world by storm!