Currently. (april 16, 2012)

Obsessing over:  planting a vegetable garden this summer and trying to decide what I want to plant and how I want to plant it all (and hoping I don’t waste too much time and money on this whole thing). I’m currently thinking about doing a square foot vegetable garden. I first read about them at This Chick Cooks and immediately loved the idea.

Feeling: cold! The weather keeps bouncing back and forth from cold to hot and my body can’t keep up. Right now, I’m chilly.

Working on: cleaning the house and  getting things back to organized regularity after a couple fun weekends. Saturday was MM’s Star Wars birthday party which began with a lot of big ideas and grand intentions but relaxed into a pretty fun, easy going afternoon with pizza, store bought cupcakes, too much food and energetic 6 year olds running rampant through the house. They were greeted at the front door with this:

Thinking about: summer camps for MM. I found a couple pretty cool ones that I need to talk to Dan about soon so I can register MM. I’m thinking it will help break up the summer to feel more organized and manageable and keep MM from getting too bored.

Reading: Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann for book club. It’s beautifully written but I’ve found it slow going. I can only read 5-10 pages some nights before I’m ready to put it down – but that might be because I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so by the time I’m reading at night I’m already almost too tired to really enjoy it.

Anticipating: craft night on Wednesday and a book swap Friday night! It should be a fun week,

Listening to: MM doing his homework in the next room. It’s fun listening to his chattering about everything he’s working on. :O)

Drinking: water. I’ve had this awful dry cough for a week or two now and can’t seem to keep my thirst quenched to save my life. Lots of water!

Wishing: we had family in the area so the kids could spend more time with their extended relatives. After having my dad here two weeks ago and my MIL visiting this past weekend, I’m sure the kids are missing the grandparentish attention. We had a great couple of weekends and are looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.

Pinning (The Great Outdoors Edition): 

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  1. @ Jean : I went to a birthday party a couple weeks ago for MM’s little bestie and the mom made this super cute pirate ship cake and the dad had orchestrated some pretty cute games – playing tag in card board box ships and pin the eye patch on the pirate, a piniata – a lot of old school ideas but very fun and I thought “These kids are loving it, I should do something more than coloring sheets and playing with our toys”

    So I tried pin the light saber on the jedi… and ordered three posters – two for decorations and one for the game. Only the other two showed up. Of course. And they didn’t really work for the game. So I skipped it. I bought these long balloons and gathered TP tubes to “make your own light sabers” but that had been with the caveat that we would play outdoors and somehow that never happened so we didn’t do that either. I rented a Star Wars Clone Wars DVD for the kids to watch and we never got around to turning it on. And of course the dandy food labels with clever names that I asked Dan to print that of course never got printed (and nobody cared).

    In the end, I had little darth vader and storm trooper rings on store bought cupcakes and the little pretzel sticks dipped in colored white chocolate to be light sabers. And a poster on the door. Other than that, it was eating food and opening presents and playing with our toys… Just like all our other parties. And of course the kids had a great time. But, think of all the work I put into that party for…. nothing.


  2. Love the dandi. pic! I’ve strangely become obsessed with them. I kinda stressed about the 12 yr olds party that I did next to nothing but a pinata, thinking they would be bored. They really entertain themselves. I think people really go way overboard on food and entertaining kids for no reason. Off my soap box now. 🙂


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